Intel Corporation – Customer Quality & Reliability Charles Covell

Intel Corporation – Customer
Quality & Reliability
Charles Covell
About Intel CQR
Intel Corporation
Founded in 1968 by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore
Originally produced memory chips
Developed first microprocessor in 1971
Microprocessors became main product in 1980s
Also produces:
○ Flash Memory
○ Motherboard Chipsets
○ Network Interface Cards
 Customer Quality & Reliability
 Vision: To “Strengthen the Intel brand by making technical
customer support a competitive advantage”
 Many locations worldwide to respond effectively to customer
Reporting Structure
WW CQR Director
WW Quality
Support Center
Americas QSC Manager
Asia Pacific QSC
Europe/Middle East/
Africa QSC
Japan QSC
Internship Conditions
Location: Hillsboro, Oregon
 40 hours/week
 8:00 AM-5:00 PM/1 hour lunch
 Wages: Approx. $24.50/hr
 Occasional overtime
Project Summary
Three main projects
 Unit information/customer issue tracking tool
(Excel VBA/SQL)
 Accessed Intel’s databases from Excel worksheet
 Provided an easy tool for retrieving/comparing
customer return information
 Reported directly to my mentor; demonstrated tool
regularly to QSC members
○ Me: High
○ Intel: High
Project Summary
Intel Intranet-based personal issue tracking/crossreference tool
 Worked as part of QBS (Quality Business Solutions)
development team
 Team used Extreme Programming (XP) methodology
with daily DSU (development status update) meetings
 Used Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and
 Additional reporting to Costa Rica QRE
(Quality/Reliability Engineer)
 ROI:
○ Me: Very High
○ Intel: Medium
Project Summary
Intel Intranet-based customer issue logging
 Worked remotely with a team in Costa Rica
 Developed a component to access Intel's database
and automatically retrieve unit information for the
issue description
 Used C# .NET
○ Me: Medium
○ Intel: ??? (not done yet)
Experience Gained/Impressions
 MS SQL Server/Oracle SQL
 SQL Server Reporting Services
 C# .NET
Team-Oriented Experience
 Working in a dev. team using XP
 Interacting/negotiating with other groups
Business Knowledge
 Processor manufacturing process
 Business intelligence/reporting concepts
Useful Courses
CS 261 – Data Structures
 CS 361-362 – Software Engineering
 WR 327 – Technical Writing
 CS 275 – Introduction to Databases