No. 76 Form sub-rule (2) of rule 228] [See


Form No.


[See sub-rule (2) of rule 228]

[Heading as in form no 16]

LLP Petition

No……… of


Notice to Liquidator or LLP Liquidator to elect whether he will disclaim

I, the undersigned give you notice that the above-named LLP was, at the time of the making of the winding up order herein [or at the time of the passing of the resolution for winding up], the lessee of the property described in the schedule hereto [or as the case may be], and I, as lessor of the said property [ or as the case may be], hereby require you pursuant to the provisions of rule 228 within 28 days after the receipt of this notice to decide whether you will disclaim the said lease [or as the case may be], and if you decide to disclaim as aforesaid, to give me notice within the said 28 days of your intention to apply to the

NCLT………Bench for leave to disclaim accordingly.**

Dated this……..

day of




(Lessor or authorized representative for the lessor, as the case may be)


The Liquidator/LLP Liquidator of


LLP (in Liquidation)


Here set out particulars of the property, lease, contract, etc.

*Title to be suitably modified in the case of voluntary winding-up

**In the case of a contract, add at the end

“and also disclaim the contract within the said period”.