Registration Form Boone County 4-H Fashion Revue Due July 1, 2015

Registration Form
Boone County 4-H Fashion Revue
Due July 1, 2015
Return to: Theresa Shettlesworth
2715 Pine Drive
Columbia MO 65202
Please fill out one of these forms for the garment or ensemble you plan to model. The form must be filled out
** Important Rule Reminders: All garments must be wearable and “Fair ready” to be shown in Fashion Revue.
Garments must be free of pins, tape and other items that enhance or change the fit of the garment. The garment
must have been constructed by the 4-Her with minimal help from parents, leader or others.
Age (as of 1/1/2015):
Phone #:
Email address:_____________________________
Please check your project and level: (See the Fair Book for level descriptions.)
Level 1
Level 2
Level 1
Level 2
Creative Crochet
Clothes You Buy
Level 3
For what season and occasion is your garment suitable?
On the back of this form, describe your garment or ensemble using 70-100 words. Be sure to include your
name; club name; a description of the outfit and accessories; activity or occasion for wearing the garment; and
hobbies or interests. If any part of your outfit has been purchased or made by someone else (example:
purchased blouse, belt or purse), it should be mentioned in your narrative.
I have read the rules and information submitted on this form. To the best of my knowledge the information is
correct and I agree to follow all Fashion Revue Rules and 4-H Guidelines.
4-Her signature and date
Parent\Guardian signature and date