How many balls can you juggle at one time?

How many balls can you
juggle at one time?
Identify 7 balls extension middle
managers juggle every day in
leading the extension program
Identify strategies for keeping the
balls in the air
Administrative Management
Office Management
Fiscal Management
Personnel Management
Program Management
Public Relations & Marketing
Provide leadership and direction
for the overall extension and
help others to understand the
mission and vision of extension
and its relationship to other
agencies and institutions.
Promote the vision & mission
Support the strategic plan
Explain the land grant system
Communicate the history, philosophy &
contemporary nature of extension
Create an atmosphere for positive working
relationships & teamwork
Promote positive working relationships with
research & 1890 personnel
Model personal accountability
Inspire positive attitudes, professionalism &
leadership among personnel
Set high expectations for performance
Seek to improve personal self
Effectively manage conflict
Promote critical thinking
Demonstrate exemplary work ethics
Effectively manage groups
Effectively and efficiently manage
all office, fiscal, personnel and
programmatic issues .
Follow extension & university policies &
Comply with Civil Rights, Equal Opportunity
Employment (EEO), Affirmative Action (AA) &
other appropriate employment laws &
Facilitate effective communication (both
written & oral) among extension personnel
at the local, district & state level
Understand and promote diversity
Maximizes the use of all
resources to promote
professionalism and efficiency for
the extension program.
Keep the office open and equipped
Maintain a professional & safe business
Conduct well-organized staff conferences,
keeping thorough records
Maintain effective communications with all
personnel in office
Involve personnel in decision-making
Keep the office clean, neat & presentable to
the public
Effectively secures and utilizes
financial resources.
Follow all accounting policies & procedures
Secure sustainable funding to support
extension programs
Maintain current cooperative agreements for
all partners
Ensure proper invoicing of partners
Prepare and defend annual budget to
partners and stakeholders
Maintain accurate financial records
Involve extension personnel in budget
development & purchasing decisions
Provides an environment that
allows for the continued growth
and development of all extension
Orient new staff.
Conduct effective annual performance evaluations & provide
positive feedback
Foster courteous & productive co-worker relationships
Follow personnel policies and procedures
Support extension personnel in personal & professional
Motivate extension personnel to do their best work
Reward exemplary performance
Help prepare extension personnel for promotion
Work with appropriate individuals to promptly address poor
performance, policy violations & similar issues
Hold extension personnel accountable for work hours
Ensures the extension program
effectively addresses issues of
concern to stakeholders by
providing high-quality
educational, research-based
Align program plans with identified issues
Be sure that outcomes accurately reflect the impact
& results of program efforts
Be able to explain extension’s program
development theory & cycle
Submit reports on time
Support extension educators in the development &
maintenance of effective program advisory
Attend local program advisory council meetings
Encourage the recruitment and effective use of
Effectively promotes the value of
the extension and develops and
maintains strong partnerships.
Build strong partnerships and collaborations
Promote positive image of self and extension
Promote the brand identity of extension
Attend appropriate government meetings
Report progress to stakeholders and partners
Have a public relations strategy
Establish rapport with key individuals
Use all media outlets to tell extension’s story
Participate in commodity & civic
organizations & associations
Positive attitude
Attention to detail
Respect for
Behavioral flexibility