County Program Directors are employees of the University of Missouri and are responsible for
leadership of the county extension programs of University of Missouri Extension.
The purpose of this role is to collaborate with county extension councils, extension faculty and
staff, regional directors and other University of Missouri Extension personnel to provide
direction and leadership for extension programs in the county.
Programming - Provide leadership in the development of a county plan of work, including
needs assessment, planning, implementing and evaluating extension programs—involving
faculty and staff, clientele, extension council, advisory committees and other citizens.
Provide leadership to plan and conduct needs assessments to serve as a basis for
developing county extension program plans.
Be knowledgeable about extension programs in the county and serve as a contact
person for programs which have not been assigned to other faculty and arrange liaison
for programs sponsored by any of the five campuses operating in the county.
Provide input for area and statewide program development.
In conjunction with regional director, assure that area specialist’s program plans mesh
with and augment the county extension program plans.
Provide leadership for the development and implementation of the county extension
public information plan.
Monitor programs for implementation of the county plan of work and assure that
program evaluation procedures are established and implemented.
Resource Management - Represent the University of Missouri and Lincoln University to county
extension councils, county commissions and other agencies in determining fiscal needs and
securing and managing resources to carry out county extension programs.
Identify and present county fiscal needs through University of Missouri Extension
administrative channels.
Assist county extension councils in the administration of county funds.
Revised June 2011
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Assist county extension councils in equipping and maintaining efficient extension
Assist county extension councils in organizing and developing a gift and endowment
County Extension Councils - Provide leadership and direction for county extension councils.
Assure that county extension council elections are conducted in a manner which is
conducive to achieving membership representative of the county population.
Be responsible for training and motivation of the county extension council so that it
carries out its legal, fiscal and programming responsibilities.
Internal - Cooperates with campus and off-campus staff in planning, implementing, evaluating
and reporting county extension programs.
External - Interacts with clientele in a professional manner and provides educational assistance.
In addition, functions in a manner that enhances and develops positive public relations and
support for University of Missouri Extension, University of Missouri and Lincoln University.
Accountable to the University of Missouri Extension Regional Director.
This is a faculty position responsible for supervising, managing, and administering the county
extension office.
Provide leadership for the selection, training, supervision, and evaluation of county council
extension employees assigned to the county. Input will be solicited from extension staff and
county extension councils.
Provide feedback to the regional director on performance of faculty with programming
responsibilities in the county.
Master’s degree required and six months successful professional field extension or related
professional experience.
Revised June 2011
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