It takes 1000 hours of “lap-time” to read.

It takes 1000 hours of “lap-time”
for young children to have the
readiness skills in place to learn
to read.
-National Institute for Children’s
Health and Development
The Three Ways to Read a Book
Children are honored as learners,
whatever their stage of reading
development, when they understand
that readers may do any of the
 Read and talk about the
 Read the words
 Retell a previously read book
Choose one of the ways to read a
story each night with your child.
Have your child participate as much
as possible. If you choose “read
the pictures”, just read through
and talk about the pictures. If
you choose “read the words”, show
your child how you are reading the
words. Point to each word as it is
read. If you choose “retelling the
story”, choose a book that you have
read over and over. Retell the
story together.
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