Anatomy In Clay! Jenks High School Human Anatomy & Physiology with

Anatomy In Clay!
Jenks High School
Human Anatomy & Physiology
Sue Mullican and Maria Fernandez
Learning anatomy with the Zahourek
system builds a "kinesthetic map”
(a learned memory through
building on a model),
which cannot be forgotten.
The Student Maniken!
Research has shown
that the greatest
learning intelligence
is in the kinesthetic
mind (making spatial
realizations through
Individual Checkout!
• As if they were textbooks, Manikens will
be checked out to individual Human
Anatomy & Physiology students!
• …..a 3-DIMENSIONAL textbook!
Endless Anatomy-In-Clay
Maniken Applications!
• Students will write/draw on their Manikens!
• Students will assemble their Manikens!
• Students will study individual appendages!
• Students will learn systems simultaneously!
• Students will build additional anatomical
structures and physiologic processes in clay!
Maniken versus Dissection?
• Students take pride in their Manikens (from
“birth certificates” through “funeral day”)!
• Students will know precise locations of
muscle insertions and origins!
• Students will learn the critical
interdependence of all body systems!
• End of year culminates in an intensive
review of all material covered!
On behalf of JHS Human Anatomy &
Physiology students, we thank you,
Jenks Public Schools Foundation and
Vision 2025!
A Special Thanks…
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photographs are
the sole property of
Zahourek Systems, Inc