Performance Appraisal MU Extension Academic Appointments Summary Ratings

Performance Appraisal
MU Extension Academic Appointments
Summary Ratings
(Dates of performance review period)
This performance review instrument is used to identify the level of performance achieved by MU Extension
academic employees for a specific period. Performance is measured by results. Please review the Performance
Appraisal Guidelines for the policies and implementation steps.
For each criterion, indicate the level of performance you believe this person has demonstrated during the review
period by placing the initials of one of the following ratings under the rating column.
Superior - consistently provides leadership for self and others to accomplish goals and objectives.
Performance consistently sets organizational standards and provides effective leadership in identified
performance criteria.
Exceeds expectations - exceeds the expectations for the criterion. Work is high quality and is on a rising
plane of continual improvement.
Meets Expectations – meets the expectations of the criterion and requires minimal supervision. Work is
consistently high quality and requires little supervision.
Needs improvement - does not meet the expectations of the criterion. Specific areas of improvement are
easily identified. Specific recommendations for improvements from regional director and program
directors are provided. Actions by the faculty or staff to address these recommendations are expected.
Failure to improve may result in an unsatisfactory rating on future reviews.
Unsatisfactory - significantly fails to meet the expectations for the criterion. Specific recommendations
for improvements from regional director and program director are expected. Improvement in
performance on specific recommendations is mandatory. Unsatisfactory rating will result in probation
and may result in a shorten contract.
Program Productivity and / or Client
1. Program Impact
Consistently offers and evaluates high quality
educational programs individually and through
teams that results in showing positive behavior
change for the target audience that are
consistent with the mission of University of
Missouri Extension and relevant to client
For CPDs this includes providing effective
leadership and training to empower councils to
fulfill statutory obligations related to program
impact (i.e. county plan of work).
2. Program Reporting
Provides quality program impact data and
other reports including standardized program
evaluations; provides reports on a timely basis
that describes the impact of programs to
stakeholders or other target audience and
public values of these impacts.
For CPDs this includes providing effective
leadership & training to empower councils to fulfill
statutory obligations related to program reporting
(i.e. annual report, annual program review).
3. Quantity
Conducts the educational programs and
teaching required to successfully implement
the county program plan.
4. Innovation
Constantly improves programs with new
ideas, based on research-based information
and content, delivery/marketing techniques
and/or annually develops new programs that
successfully satisfy the annual program plan
of constituents served.
5. Audience
Consistently offers a sufficient quantity of
programs that involve diverse audiences
whom mirror the demographics of the
coverage and programming areas.
For CPDs this includes providing effective
leadership and training to empower councils to
meet USDA expectations (i.e. civil rights planning
and documentation, recruit for diverse council
6. Program Alignment and Integration
Works cooperatively with councils, county
program director & other faculty to implement
goals from the University of Missouri
Extension Strategic Plan, resulting in an
aligned & integrated program plan that meets
the educational needs of the constituents. (i.e.
interdisciplinary work.)
Effective 02/2015
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Organizational and Professional
7. Resource Management
Individually or in teams, generates revenue
(grants, contracts, gifts, and fees) to sustain
and grow essential programs (financial, inkind and volunteers). Submits revenue
generation worksheets for all programs with a
fee or sponsorships and submits appropriate
generated revenue to MU Extension.
For CPDs this includes county plan, working with
Council to meet funding guidelines, and upholding
statutory requirements (i.e. county funding,
budgets, QuickBooks reports, audits).
8. Professional Behavior and Stakeholder
Enhances the image and effectiveness of
University of Missouri Extension through
positive attitude, personal motivation,
dependability, and teamwork resulting in
effective working relationships with coworkers, extension council, clientele, other
stakeholders and supervisor. This includes
being actively involved in stakeholder
relations in geographically assigned areas and
educating elected officials about University of
Missouri Extension by involving them in
programming efforts.
For CPDs this includes providing effective
leadership in the daily operations of the county
Extension office (i.e. personnel, facilities, interoffice communications).
9. Scholarship and Leadership
Initiates, produces and participates in
scholarly activities, such as curriculum
development, in-service education instruction,
articles in professional and popular press,
guide sheets, presentations at professional
meetings and other peer-reviewed activities
demonstrating scholarship. Also would
include professional activities that achieve the
goals of the university.
10. Professional Growth
Continually improves professional
competencies in subject matter and extension
process skills including program development,
needs assessment, program planning,
marketing, public information, teaching,
evaluation, program coordination, technology,
etc. through ISEs, professional development
activities, professional organizations
attendance/memberships/leadership, and other
initiatives for personal and professional
Effective 02/2015
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Overall Rating
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Overall Summary
Areas of strength:
Areas for improvement (required for all criterion rated less than meets):
Performance goals and professional development plans for next appraisal period:
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*Employee’s signature acknowledges that the contents of the performance review were made known to the employee during the performance review
session and that his/her signature does not represent agreement or disagreement.
Effective 02/2015
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