MFA, Creative Writing: Poetry (2008)
Warren Wilson MFA Program for Writers
BA, Psychology (1996)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
NEA Creative Writing Fellowship Recipient, Poetry (2015)
Resident, Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts (November 2014)
Resident, Madroño Ranch: A Center for Writing, Art, and the Environment (May 2014)
First Place, New South poetry contest for “The Making of History” (2008)
Poet of the Week, North Carolina Arts Council (February 2006)
Books (poetry)
Industry of Brief Distraction, Saturnalia Books, 2015
Carnavoria, Hangman Books, 2012
Chapbooks (poetry)
Patriot, Forklift, Ink., 2013
Anthologies (poetry)
“Particulates,” Ley Lines, ed. H. L. Hix, WLU Press, 2014
“Briar Patch” and “The Making of History,” Another and Another: An Anthology from the
Grind Daily Writing Series, Bull City Press, 2012
Periodicals (poetry)
“Meditation at Madroño Ranch,” Spoke Too Soon: A Journal of the Longer (Issue 2.5, 2015)
“Sunday Morning,” Columbia Poetry Review (2015)
“17 Bellis Circle,” “Citizen to Citizen,” and “Perennial Drive,” Waxwing Literary
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Periodicals (fiction)
“Trailing,” The Southern Review (forthcoming Winter 2016)
“Appearance of the Deer Woman: Diptychs,” Tupelo Quarterly, Issue 2 (January 2014)
“Parameters of a Kingdom,” SmokeLong Quarterly, Issue 38 (November 2012)
Periodicals (essays)
“Interstitial Days,” The Rumpus (February 14, 2013)
Book Reviews (poetry)
In The Cincinnati Review:
“Angles of Approach: New Books by Martha Collins, Carl Dennis, and Claudia Rankine”
(Summer 2015)
In American Microreviews & Interviews:
“Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery, by Tim Earley” (November 2015)
“Think Tank, by Julie Carr” (July 2015)
“Short Talks, by Anne Carson” (February 2015)
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(September 2014)
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(July 2014)
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“Blood Orange, by Angela Narciso Torres” (May 2014)
“Practice On Mountains, by David Bartone” (April 2014)
“Thunderbird, by Jane Miller” (March 2014)
“The Birth of Flight,” cover image for Shock by Shock (Copper Canyon Press, 2015)
Photographs accompanying the poem, “Meditation at Madroño Ranch,” Spoke Too Soon: A
Journal of the Longer (Issue 2.5, 2015)
“After You Left,” cover artwork for Waxwing Literary Journal (February 2015)
“Asymptote,” cover artwork for Industry of Brief Distraction (Saturnalia Books, 2015)
“The Bird Circus,” cover image for Twenty Thousand Pigeons (iO Books, 2014)
Photographs in “Appearance of the Deer Woman: Diptychs,” Tupelo Quarterly, Issue 2
(January 2014)
“Elemental,” cover image for Patriot (Forklift, Ink., 2013)
“Barn Burn,” cover image for Debacle Debacle (Forklift, Ink., 2013)
“Escape,” SmokeLong Quarterly (November 2012)
“In the Peach Orchard,” Photoplace Alternative Realities Annex, selected by Laura Moya,
July 2012
“Paul’s Window II,” cover image for Fall Higher (Copper Canyon Press, 2011)
WORD IMAGE IMAGE WORD Exhibition. Photograph/text: “Break-in at
Shoal Creek (2014).” Art Academy of Cincinnati, Convergys Gallery, January 2015
Friends and Family: Third Anniversary Show. Gallery Black Lagoon, Austin, TX, June 2013
2012 Texas National Juried Art Exhibition. Photograph: “Lullaby.” Selected by Dave
Hickey, Stephen F. Austin State University, April 2012
Shutter Speed Juried Exhibition. Gallery Black Lagoon, Austin, TX, March 2012
West of East. Gallery Black Lagoon, Austin, TX, November 2011
Southampton Cultural Center Juried Show. Photograph: “The Idiot.” Southampton,
NY, Fall 2011
Austin Series, Part III. Gallery Black Lagoon, Austin, TX, August 2011
Director, Undergraduate Creative Writing Program, University of Texas at Austin, 2015Duties include coordinating course scheduling and teaching assignments for UG
CRW course offerings; advancement of the CW certificate program; and serving as
special advisor to certificate students.
Lecturer, Creative Writing, University of Texas at Austin, Summer 2014; Fall 2015Classes include workshop of student poems; analysis and close reading of poems
from a range of historical and contemporary time periods and cultural perspectives;
and the reading and discussion of essays on various poetic themes.
Instructor, University of Texas at Austin Informal Classes, Spring & Fall 2015
Created and designed a six-week class, “Writing from Photographs,” for adult
students from the Austin community, a class born from the belief that writing
and photography are natural creative companions. Classes included writing exercises,
discussion of elements of creative writing such as image, point of view, and revising,
and workshop.
Instructor, Texas State University, San Marcos, Fall 2013
Lead instructor of ENG 1310, College Writing I, a class focused on reading, rhetoric,
and expository essay writing. Designed syllabus; created and graded essay
assignments and a final; met with students individually over the course of the
semester to discuss their writing and progress. Incorporated essays from a range of
philosophers and writers (Hobbes, MLK, Gloria Anzaldúa, Toni Morrison) for inclass discussion and as student essay resources. Taught MLA documentation style.
Creative Writing Instructor, Badgerdog Literary Publishing, 2009-2010
Taught creative writing (poetry and prose) to students from elementary and middle
school classes for community outreach organization. Prepared lesson plans;
responded to student work in and out of class; assisted students in the revision and
presentation of their writing.
“Q&A with Laurie Saurborn,” Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb, April 2015
“On Patriot,” Speaking of Marvels, April 2015
“Aesthetics and Endings,” LitBridge, December 2012
“Smoking with Laurie Saurborn Young,” SmokeLong Quarterly, Issue 38 (2012)
“The Sound of a Hand Pulling a Bell: An Interview with Laurie Saurborn Young,” The
Collagist, Issue 36 (2012)
“Laurie Saurborn Young on Particulates,” In Quire, 2011
Writing on the Air, KOOP Austin, November 2011
“An Interview with Laurie Saurborn Young,” The American Literary Review, October 2011
Strange Pilgrims Reading Series, Austin, TX, May 2015
So-and-So Reading Series, Raleigh, NC, April 2015
Texas Book Festival Lit Crawl, Austin, TX, October 2014
Everything Is Bigger Reading Series, Austin, TX, April 2014
LitBridge Reading, Denton, TX, January 2014
Borderlands Poetry Reading, Austin, TX, April 2013
Jones/jubilat Reading Series, Jones Library, Amherst, MA, April 2013
AWP 2013 Reading hosted by iO Journal, Jellyfish Magazine, and Inter|rupture, Boston, MA
Kraken Eats Boston Alive: AWP 2013 Reading, Cambridge, MA
Bookwoman, Austin, TX, 2013
Trinity University, San Antonio, TX, 2012
The Kraken Reading Series, Denton, TX, 2012
Lord Weary’s Reading Series, Austin, TX, 2012
KinCity Reading Series at Bookwoman, Austin, TX, 2011
Carport Reading Series, Austin, TX, 2010
New South/Georgia State University, Decatur, GA, 2010
Flood Poetry Reading Series, Asheville, NC, 2008
Texas Book Festival Panel Moderator, October 2015
Poetry Manuscript Contest Submission Reader, Saturnalia Books, 2014
Guest Editor, Crazyhorse Literary Magazine, Fall 2010
Poetry Submissions Reader, Carolina Quarterly, 2008
Member, VIDA Women in the Literary Arts, 2014Advisory Board Member, Flying Object Art and Publishing, 2013-2015
Member, Association of Writers and Writing Programs, 2006-present
Squaw Valley Community of Writers, 2010 (support recipient)
Participant, Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, 2006
North Carolina Writers’ Network Conference, Fall 2004 and 2005
CRW 325P: Poetry Writing (UT Austin)
CRW 340P: Poetry Workshop (UT Austin)
CRW 370H: Honors Creative Writing Project (UT Austin)
ENG 1310: College English I (Texas State San Marcos)