Language Arts:

Dear Parents,
Language Arts:
hero- A person who is looked up to by others because of his or her great achievements or fine
qualities. We will begin to discuss what a hero is and who some of our hero’s are in America
and in our personal lives. The end result is a Hero Project that you will get to see later this
Our president reports turned out amazing. You can see the finished product in the hallway.
Each one is becoming an expert on typing in word and researching using the “Google” and
“” search engine. We are concentrating on sentence structure, which includes capitals
at the beginning of sentences and punctuation at the end. Please help your child with reminders
about these concepts when you read their writing at home.
We continue to work on using adjectives and beginning to start using adverbs to make our
sentences more interesting. We're also working on including more details in our writing. The
more opportunities we have to practice writing, the better writers we are becoming!
We are working on the skill Visualizing/Inferring in our Comprehension Toolkit
and What’s Important (separating important information from interesting details).
They are wonderful at writing down their “inner voice” and really thinking about
what they are reading.
Encourage your child to use RAZ kids at home. It is a great tool for reading
comprehension. While schedules get busy in the spring, nightly reading should
continue to be a priority. It is so exciting to hear the children read. They are going
to knock their 3rd grade teacher’s socks off 
Social Studies:
Chapter 5- How do people use our environment
March 2nd- Book Fair $$(9:30)
Mar.4th – Conference Day – No School
Mar. 11th- Class Tee Shirt Day
Mar. 11th- Making root beer
Mar. 14th- 18th - Spring Break
Mar. 24th- Report Cards go Home
April 6th- ALL DAY FIELD TRIP TO Oxley Nature Center
April 25th- Music Program (9:00- Burns, 9:30- Jiang), followed
by Celebration of Learning
Mrs. Burns