Mrs. Johnson’s Syllabus Seventh Grade Language Arts 2012-2013


Mrs. Johnson’s Syllabus

Seventh Grade Language Arts


What will I be doing this year?

The following will be covered:


Grammar to improve writing

Mechanics to improve writing

Book Reports

Various forms of writing

Study of Drama (a play)

Who is Mrs. Johnson and what can I expect from her?

Folk Tales, Fables, Legends and


Two Novel studies

Short Stories


Literary Terms/Concepts

I pride myself on being a fair, fun-loving lady who enjoys coming to school everyday. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma, earned my Masters degree there, and am proud to be a Sooner! I am an Oklahoma native—born and raised in

Tulsa. I taught for six years at Alcott Middle School in Norman, Oklahoma and this is my third exciting year as a Trojan! My husband, Geoff, and I are expecting our first baby this winter; he will be an addition to our “fur-babies” Ginger and Oscar.

Students can expect that I will challenge them to excel; they should expect positive reinforcement for their efforts. They should expect that discipline will not be treated as an opportunity to punish, but an opportunity to learn from mistakes.

Students should (usually) expect a smiling face! Most importantly, students should expect me to be learning and growing right along side of them.

Book reports? What book reports?!!

Students will be required to read a minimum of five (5) books independently and complete reports on those books. Three books must be fiction (mystery, adventure, realistic, historical, fantasy, science fiction, etc). Two books will be non-fiction

(true/factual). One of them will be either a biography or autobiography. Reports will be written and oral. Due dates will be established at the beginning of each 9 week grading period.

How do I complete a Final Draft?

All final drafts should be done in ink; they can either be printed out or handwritten in blue or black ink pen. If you want to type the paper, but you do not have a printer or you have a printer malfunction, you will need to bring the document saved on a flash drive. You will also need $.10 per page to print out in the library. Students

should go directly to the library when they are released from the gym or cafeteria

BEFORE school starts to print the document. In-class time will not be given nor will I print out an emailed copy for the student. If all else fails, simply hand-write it in ink!

What if I am absent?

Essentially you have one day to turn in missed work for each day you were absent. It is your job to ask about work you missed and get the assignment!

What else do I need to know?

Follow all school rules in the JMS handbook! Failure to do so = consequences!

At the end of the year, if you have a cumulative grade of 97% or higher, you will be exempt from the final!

Expectations. I expect that you will:




Be in your seat—with materials ready—when the bell rings. You will be counted tardy otherwise.

No talking during instructional time and individual work.

Respect one another’s personal space boundaries, opinions, and property.

4. Bring your agenda to class for assignments & use as a restroom pass. You have 3

restroom passes per 9-weeks; teacher must initial agenda and student must sign


5. Follow the 5 to leave rule.

All of the business out of the way…..

I am sooooo glad you are here! We will grow as individuals and as a classroom community this year. Hopefully, seventh grade will be a fun, challenging, and magical year in your middle school career. I promise to offer each of you support and guidance so we can work together to find solutions and increase our knowledge of language arts and the world around us! Oh, yes, and every once in a while we might even have a little bit of fun!

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I have read the syllabus and agree with all the policies and procedures outlined in it.

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Put the rest of this syllabus in your language arts binder.