Newcastle University Educational Partnerships Policy: Self-profile template for prospective partners

Newcastle University
Educational Partnerships Policy: Self-profile template for prospective partners
Prospective partners for collaborative ventures with Newcastle University are asked to provide
information in respect of the following issues including supporting documentation as relevant to the
nature of the proposed collaboration. Written statements may be supplied on this form under each
heading or appended as separate documents.
The Organisation: Nature of; Mission; learning environment
Evidence: Mission Statement; Strategic Plan; Organisational structure chart; prospectus; range of
existing programmes; student numbers; staffing establishment
Finance: current financial position
Evidence: annual report; business plan; current accounts (and previous 2 years); financial strategy;
auditors, bankers details; national tax legislation relevant to an internal relationship; funding of
institution and students
Resources: Staffing; Academic support; Learning resources - library, computing facilities
Evidence: CVs of staff; academic supervision policy and practice; library/computing strategies,
equipment/facilities statistics; welfare structure and facilities
Legal context
Evidence: legal status and capacity to contract with the University; requirements of the state and/or
national government or agency
Quality assurance: Quality management: administration/committees; Programmes:
approval/ monitoring/review; Evaluation; Staff development
Evidence: reports from funding or external quality assurance bodies; personnel policy; staff
development and appraisal strategy; student charter; management and committee structures;
academic role descriptions; programme approval procedures; monitoring and review policies and
practice; evaluation questionnaires; curriculum development arrangements
Academic and administrative regulations:
Evidence: regulations for assessment; student regulations; student complaints procedures; student
record system; fee arrangements; equal opportunities, disability policies; recruitment, admission
and registration policy and practice; staff recruitment policy and practice; conferment of awards