10 Grade and above U.S. History

Grade Level
10th Grade and above
Content Area
U.S. History
Title of Lesson
Warm up: What fact about today interests you and how is
this relatable to the lesson plan for today?
Learning Goal
The goal of this lesson would be to get the students interested in U.S.
history. By giving them this App they will be given many interesting
facts to examine that will hopefully excite them about history.
Technology Standards
NETS-S standards demonstrated in my unit are 1 & 2. All are
somewhat applicable but the strong ones are 1 & 2.
Mobile Apps Integrated
U.S. History Timeline (App)
Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, or laptop
Lesson Outline
The integration of the ipad would be at the beginning of
class as I could have the students look at the App to find
one interesting fact that was relevant to the lesson we
would learn that day and one fact that interested them.
This application would help students understand history in
a more personal way, hopefully giving them a since of
time, place, importance of historical events, and people in