The Department Of History.

Department of History Student-Staff Forum
7th October 2015
Amy Fedeski (L2), Marian Taig (L3), Alex Hamilton (L2), Brittany Hanlon (L2 &
HSTSOC rep), Ellicia Chester (L3), Julia Moses, Simon Middleton, Esme Cleall and
Rebecca Phipps.
Nathaniel Robinson (L3)
Introductions made by staff and students.
- Role of student representatives discussed, including the Union Councillor and Faculty Reps.
- Decided that all students present would become student representatives for the department,
including Nathaniel Robinson.
- Acknowledgment that a first year representative should be found
Chair: Amy Fedeski and Vice Chair: Ellicia Chester elected
Consider the year ahead and questions from the meeting.
Role of the committee discussed
- Concerns raised over accessibility of the committee
- Action: to introduce an online comments board for students, possibly on MOLE
- Personal tutor meetings should be used to advertise the committee
Discussion about department’s relationship with the History Society. Action BH and RP to meet.
- Plans for activities during Women's history month.
Discussion about Personal Tutor system
- Idea raised that Special Subject tutor could become Personal Tutor in the final year
- Discussion of a dedicated student support worker in the department
- Possible compulsory personal tutor meetings to be planned after results in February. Sessions
booked through Google.
- Discussion about personal tutors being more visible in core first year modules. Aiming to
encourage students to access the personal tutor system.
Next meeting set for 2pm, Wednesday 18/11/15