The acquisition of a vehicle is a thing of joy but the stealing of such is a thing of
great sadness. This situation leads to development of various car security systems with
most of them having one limitation or the other. All these were considered to design a
better microcontroller-based car security device.
This device is a software and hardware implementations which automatically
senses when a vehicle is ignited by an intruder. When this happens, the microcontroller
receives the signal, processes it and sends high or low logics to the switching circuit to
immobilize the vehicle, makes a call to the car owner, the security services (depending
on the stored phone numbers) and also activates an alarm all within a minute. Other
features incorporated in this project are the status display unit using a Liquid Crystal
Display (LCD), the cell phones for tracking purposes via the network vendors and the
panic switch that can be pressed when the car is about to be snatched by thieves to
make phone call to the security service immediately and immobilize the vehicle after 20
minutes. To achieve the above functions, an AT89C52 microcontroller is programmed to
carry out the task.
The finished project was installed in a car (Toyota Carina II), tested to work
satisfactorily and recommendations were also made for future improvement on the