Early Childhood Education Center April 2016

Early Childhood Education Center
Tiffany Cherry -Head Teacher
[email protected]
What we have been
Our class is really
interested in nature. We
have been learning about
the seasons and different
parts of nature such as
trees and squirrels. Last
month we took a nature
walk around the university
apartments. The children
took pictures of various
types of trees and bushes.
They noticed that some
trees still didn’t have leaves
and some trees were
growing buds. The children
really enjoyed being
photographers on our walk.
I would like to give the
children an assignment to
do while they are enjoying
time at home with their
families. The assignment is
to allow the children to
take a picture of nature.
Your child can choose
whatever he or she would
like to photograph in
nature. The picture can be
taken with a camera or
phone and emailed to
[email protected]
I’m looking forward to
seeing to the pictures!
Nature Walk Pictures
Dates to Remember
April 11- Evelyn’s 5th Birthday
April 20- Dobbs Park Naturalist will visit our class
April 30- March for Babies (Watch for fundraisers and signups)