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COE cores areas
Input provided by Member of IAC
Actions taken by COE Department
Curriculum plan
List of new COE electives
Computer Architecture & Digital Design
Communications and Networks
High Performance Computing
Computer Systems and Applications
(Robotics, Security, Multimedia….etc)
General Comments
 Add a course of Engineering Economics (to be core)
 Mr. Alaa Abunijem said that COE graduates lack wider exposure to
High-performance Computing and Software areas, whereas
department has a stronger VLSI area
 Dr. Khalid Al-Biyari said that by concentrating on system design
projects, more emphasis on system integration using available
components is needed
 Mr. Ahmad Ashadawi stated that there is no data research, and there
is an urgent need to develop top most quality and capability access to
massive data - data storage, retrieval, analysis, management and
 COOP work plan should be identified ahead of time for sending the
students to the respective industry/company for coop or summer
training program
All KFUPM students are required to take ICDL
Engineering economy is a core in the new curriculum
New curriculum is designed with minimum core
requirements with increased number of electives
 Allows more flexibility in program
 Focuses on more in-depth in selected tracks
COE students are required to specialized in one of the four
COE areas by selecting one of the System Design Courses
A High-Performance Cluster has been arranged at the
Information Technology Centre (ITC)
One undergraduate course to introduce the students to
computer engineering disciplines together with some concepts
of project managements, communication skills and
professional ethics
Moreover, COE students are exposed to Oral and Written
communication at all levels:
 Technical report writing (ENGL 214)
Three undergraduate courses are introduced and being offered
as electives on the following subjects:
 Data Management
 Sensor Networks
 RFID technologies
COE 200 and 300
level Core Courses
COE Elective
New Courses
COE 470 (3-0-3) Information Security
Computer Security
COE 471 (3-0-3) Cyber & Computer Security
Computer Security
COE 472 (3-0-3) Implementation of Security
COE 473 (3-0-3) Computer Security & Crypto
COE 474 (3-0-3) Network Security Engineering
COE 479 (3-0-3) Special Topics on Computer
COE 481 (3-0-3) Design and Implementation of
Smart Access Systems
COE 482 (3-0-3) Pervasive and Ubiquitous
COE 448 (3-0-3) Network Planning and
COE 407 (3-0-3) Reconfigurable Computing
Computer Security
Computer Security
Computer Security
Computer Security
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