Public Accountants and Auditors Board

Public Accountants and Auditors Board
FORM PAAB 9A (To be used from 1 July 2011.)
Application Form for the registration of a firm in terms of Public Accountants and Auditors Act [Chapter
27:12 of 1996]
1. Details of branch of a firm
This form is only to be used to provide details of branches of firms. Please complete one Form 7A per branch of a firm
Name of firm applying for registration on Form 9 or currently registered with the PAAB.
If the firm is currently registered with the PAAB, please give the firm’s PAAB practice number
Name by which branch is known
2. Branch contact details
Postal address of office
Physical address of branch
Telephone number
Fax number
Branch e-mail address
4. Resident RPAs at branch (e.g. partners/directors/employees). Please photocopy page if necessary.
Name and surname of RPA
PAAB Registration
PAAB Practising
Certificate Number
Status in firm (i.e. director/
partner/managing director/
managing partner/employee/
5. Signature
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