a detailed description or account of a person's life. BIOGRAPHY:

BIOGRAPHY: a detailed description or account of a person's life.
Directions: By yourself or in a partnership, use the link on my website called
BIOGRAPHY to find a famous person you want to learn more about.
Some ideas to spark your brain: former presidents, activists, inventors, actors,
musicians, artists, business leaders, athletes, authors, and explorers…
Once you’ve chosen the person, do some research about his/her life. Then, in your
own words, write a 1-page biography (12-14pt fonts). Then include a collage of
photos on a separate page that describes and relates to this person’s life.
**Include a bibliography of websites that you used to research this person.
**If you are working with a partner, divide the responsibilities. Take turns
researching and typing.
**You can have multiple font colors, but avoid light colors that are difficult to read.
These are the items you must include in the biography:
 Person’s name
 Birth date
 Death date (if applicable)
 Place where they were born/grew up (country, state, city, town...)
 Background information (early childhood, family info, education, jobs,
 Personality traits (how would this person be described by others)
 Obstacles/struggles (difficult times in this person’s life)
 Achievements/accomplishments
 How do this person’s accomplishments make an impact on others?
Working alone? - Click create document and start typing
Working with a partner? – Only one person will click create document.
Type both of your names at the top of the page.