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Construction Engineering & Management Department
CEM 510
Construction Planning & Scheduling
Dr. S. Almohawis
Presented By
Abdulrahman Alghamdi
Article: Monitoring System And their Effectiveness for
Project Cost Control in Construction
Saad H. Al-Jiburi
International Journal of Project Management (2003)
• project, plans.
• Project plans Vs Actual.
• Project monitor and report.
2. Monitoring and control:
A. Monitoring
1. Measuring the state of the system.
2. Comparing these measurements with the
desired state of the system.
3. Taking corrective action to return the
system to its desired stage or to minimize
some loss function.
2. Monitoring and control:
•Make a plan.
•Implement the plan.
•Monitor actual out put and record it.
•Report actual and planned parameters and
their variations.
•Take action.
3. Methods of monitoring
Leading Parameter: this technique to show the
deviations of the project performance from the plan, but it
does not show the reasons for these deviations.
3. Methods of monitoring
Activity based ratios: The three ratios, which could be
achieved, are:
Planned performance
Actual performance
3. Methods of monitoring
Variances and Earned value Analysis:
a) Performance variance – Indicates that the
progress of the project is ahead of schedule if it is
positive, or behind schedule if it is negative.
b)Efficiency variance – Indicates overspending if the
variance is positive and under spending if it is
Measures of effectiveness of
• Project profit.
• Performance of the project
• Detailed reports.
5. Model structure:
The model is designed so that it can provide data
about the progress of the project in order to be used
by the different monitoring system.
The Scheduler :
Model representation of resources:
MoModel representation of materials:
MoModel representation of finance:
Many experiments are carried out to test the
effectiveness of the monitoring systems on cost and
progress of the projects. Some changes are made
such as increase in the costs of resources and
materials with time due to different inflation rates,
sudden changes to specific resources and material
costs and the use of a more optimistic plan
In this paper we see several monitoring
techniques and their use for project cost
control . Comparisons of these system on
a theoretical basis have indicated that:
•Different system are suitable for
different situation . Example Activity
based ratios suitable for short term than
the Variance.
•Some techniques are simpler and clearer
to interpret than other .