Advance Request Form

Advance Request Form
This form should be used to request monies in advance of expenditure. Please note that as per Financial Regulations the amount
requested should not ordinarily exceed £300, if you are requesting more than this please supply detailed information to justify the
value. If payments are to be made to participants please supply the information used to recruit them.
Cash & Travellers Cheques: Email the completed form to a minimum of 3 working days before the funds
are required for sterling advances, and a minimum of 5 working days for currency & travellers’ cheques. The original should be
brought when collecting from the Income Office along with id.
Direct to Bank Account: Email the completed form to a minimum of 5 working days to process. The
original form should be posted to the Income Office.
On payment of the advance an email will be sent to the person the advance is for, providing details of when and where appropriate
evidence of expenditure and unspent funds need to be returned. NB Original receipts should be retained for submission and
credit/debit card receipts cannot be accepted as proof as they do not itemise goods and services purchased.
Name of Person Advance is For:
Signature of Person Advance is For
By signing I understand and agree that any element of this advance that is
subsequently not returned to the Cash Office or is not substantiated by
valid receipts shall be recovered by the University as a deduction from my
monthly salary.
Purpose of Advance: If the amount is more than £300 please
providedetailed information/ justification – to assist with authorisation.
Continue on a separate sheet if necessary. By signing this form you accept
responsibilityfor the accuracy of all information supplied as part of this
(Form will not be processed unless this is signed)
Period of Expenditure/Date(s) Paying Participants:
Date for Collection/Date Required
Cost Centre/WBS
Authorised Signatory’s Name, Position and Email Address
Type of Advance Required
Tick √
Currency – Please State
Travellers’ Cheques
Direct to a UK Bank Account*
*Please complete details overleaf
Name and Contact Details of Person Collecting Advance:
(N/A for Travellers Cheques as this must be the traveller)
Signature on Collection of Advance:
(only required for Cash and Travellers’ Cheques when collected)
Date Collected:
Payment Details (Bank, Building Society or Overseas Account)
Please sign and date this part of the form and complete 1 option only to tell us which type of account you would like your cash
advance paying into.
Payroll Number (staff):
Date of Birth:
N I Number (non-staff):
Option 1 – UK Bank
Account holder(s):
Name of Bank:
Bank Address:
Post Code:
Bank Sort Code:
Account Number:
Please indicate type of account by ticking one of the following options:
Current Account
Deposit Account
Savings Account
National Giro
Option 2 – UK Building Society
Name of Society:
Account Number:
Roll Number:
Account holder(s):
Name of Society:
Society Address:
Post Code:
Account Number:
Roll Number:
Option 3 – Overseas Bank Account (Please provide as much of the requested information as you have available –
overseas bank accounts have some or all of these numbers for an account.)
Account holder(s):
Name of bank:
Account number:
Bank key number:
Swift (or BIC) number:
IBAN number:
Bank address
(inc country):