ScHARR: Introduction to accessing and using MOLE2

ScHARR: Introduction to accessing and using MOLE2
You must register with the University to receive your university username and password. You will then
be able to access the ScHARR online resources.
1. From the University Home page, select Log into MUSE
2. In the Secure login box, enter your University of Sheffield username and password
3. From your MUSE homepage, click on the MOLE 2 icon in the header.
4. This link will take you to the MOLE 2 homepage shown below. “The ScHARR Student Hub” and the
“Course list” provide all your course related information, see below for further details.
The ScHARR Student Hub
Under the organisations group the ScHARR student Hub gives you all the information about the support
provided to taught students on ScHARR courses.
Here you will find all the information relating to getting started in ScHARR, access to all your course
materials, timetables and regulations.
Course List
All your courses will be listed here. These are released to you as they are needed, so you will see your
first semester courses from 24 September and your second semester courses from 4 February. If you
are missing any courses that you are expecting to see after the release date please contact your course
administrator (a list of course emails can be found in the Teaching Support Unit pages under the
ScHARR Student Hub).
For further information on accessing your MOLE2 Course, go to the link “MOLE 2: Information for
Students” below.
How to access the University Wireless Network (Eduroam) and the Virtual
Private Network (VPN)
You will need your University username and password to access the University wireless network,
When connecting most devices, select “Wireless”, the device will then scan for wireless services, and
detect “eduroam”. Select “eduroam” then enter your username followed by in the
identity box, and your password in the password box. Then select “Connect”, a wireless icon will appear
in the status bar once connected.
If you have any difficulties, you can either contact the CiCS Helpdesk, talk to a member of staff in the
Information Commons, or access the following University site which
has further information relating to connecting computers, laptops and phones to the Wireless Network.
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
The university VPN is used to establish a secure link from a remote computer to services at the
University. It allocates a Sheffield IP address effectively making your computer part of the campus
network. In order to setup the VPN connection to access the campus network, you will need to know
your remote access password. For further information on this and how to set up a VPN, visit the
following university site
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