School Of Medicine

& Biomedical Sciences.
Do you want to improve your knowledge base and skills? Do you feel you want help in your career? Is
there something you would like changed, performed better or set up? Then come along to the Medical
School Post Doc Society (MSPDS), voice your opinion and make a difference!
Next meeting May 12th 12-1pm FU32
Highlights from our April MSPDS committee meeting:
1. SRDS Training will happen on the 22nd of June 1-2pm in the faculty boardroom.
2: The next social event has been narrowed down to two major ideas
A. Cubans Salsa bar, include dance lessons and food, works for both large and small groups.
B. Kelham Island- brewery tour and food.
An email will be sent out from the committee to generate levels of interest, if you would like to go on
either event please reply accordingly.
3. On the 11th of May the coffee morning will be focussing on the MSPDS with the aim to
advertise the society and generate interest. The format with cakes and refreshments will be the
same, please come along to hear what we do and help generate ideas for future targets and events.
4. The committee is organising an alternative careers day and is currently putting together a working
group to develop the programme, more information will follow.
5. Post Doctoral Issues
The committee discussed post doctoral issues that have been raised in the department these included
I. There is a lack of information on career paths into lectureships or permanent University positions
without applying for a fellowship.
II. Need more help with improving communication with PIs and what is the most effective way of
III. Need more support for Post Docs returning from maternity leave.
IV. Course availability needs faster updating on the website.
V. There have been issues with filling out the Research Day Abstract forms in terms of rational and
VI. There are a number of basic issues such as office lighting and the air conditioning in the medical
school need addressed.
VII. Need more scientific specific help for putting together a CV when a post doc contract expires.
VIII. It is very hard to get onto the university project management course
We will be working hard to address all of the above issues. However, if you have any more, please
don’t hesitate to contact us ([email protected]) or regarding anything
discussed in this email. We look forward to hearing from you.
Next meeting May 12th 12-1pm FU32
Scott Allen, Secretary Post Doctoral Society
[email protected]