Guidelines for Final Presentation Time Constraints, Participation and Requirements:

Guidelines for Final Presentation
Hi all,
This is the structure, sequence and flow:
Time Constraints, Participation and Requirements:
Present using power point
Your group has 20 minutes to present (time will be strictly monitored)
All group members must participate
There will be 5 minutes of questioning
Topics to Cover:
In a 20 minute presentation you will not have the time to go into detail on any of the topics.
Present your executive summary.
By Section:
 What was done
 Why was it done
 Main Results and implications for your firm
Use the topic headings (3 – 13) in the final paper requirements as your order of sequence
Grading Criteria:
Effectiveness of Power Point (whistles and bells aren’t necessary)
Ability to keep within 20 minute time period
Balance of group presentation/contribution
Concise, complete coverage of items 3 – 13
Ability to answer questions