CITY OF _____________
__________, TENNESSEE
BID # ______
City of _____________ is seeking an auditor who is qualified under state
law and regulations to perform a financial and compliance audit in
accordance with Government Auditing Standards and requirements
prescribed by the Comptroller of the Treasury, State of Tennessee.
Interested individuals must be certified public accountants licensed to
practice in Tennessee and firms must be currently registered with the
Tennessee State Board of Accountancy. The auditor should have
adequate training and experience in governmental accounting, be in good
standing in the profession, and have the necessary hours of CPE required
by Government Auditing Standards. Bid documents can be printed from
our website: http://_____________.
Proposals must be submitted to City of ____________, at City Hall,
located at __(Street)______, _(City)____, Tennessee (Zip)__ no later
than _(Time)_ __.M., Local Time, on _(Day) (Date)__, 2009, and then at
said time will be publicly opened.
Bid documents may be obtained by bidders at the office of the City of
_______ Purchasing Agent.