Koziol, A. Patty, R. Sach, D. Wiseman College of Education

College of Education
Council of Chairs
May 17, 2011
Meeting Summary
Present: K. Angeletti, A. Battle, P. Burke, E. Driver, G. Hancock, F. Hultgren, D. Kivlighan, S.
Koziol, A. Patty, R. Sach, D. Wiseman
1. Technology: Steve Pragel reported that plans are moving forward. Projector replacements
and SmartBoard installations in classrooms, lab upgrades, and circulating equipment review
are highlights of the coming year. The Faculty Advisory Committee on Technology (FACT)
will be a key resource for faculty feedback. He mentioned that Rosalia Webb has been hired
as the Learning Technology Specialist and her primary areas of responsibility will be ELMS
support, online resources, hardware integration, distance learning, etc. With regards to the
compliance accessibility issue, Pragel reported that all new wraps on our web page meet
compliance to level 1. Maggie McLaughlin will follow up with the Dean Donna Wiseman to
make sure someone from the college is on the campus committee overseeing the compliance
2. Alumni Awards: Rebecca Sach handed out the 2011 Alumni Awards criteria and noted the
deadline for nominations is September 19, 2011. The information will be forwarded to the
college. She encouraged nomination submissions over the summer since the committee will
meet in September to review them. The awards ceremony is scheduled for November 17,
5:30-9:00 p.m. in the Union Colony Ballroom.
Sach is gathering information on alumni to put together a master list and will be contacting
departments and Students Services.
Budget: There is no final word on the budget and campus is operating under temporary
budget and salary guidelines. The latest is that only ½% will be given back instead of 1% but
chairs should hold the second ½% for later. Additionally, to date, there are no instructions
regarding the $750 onetime bonus.
4. Teacher Education: Tomorrow’s all-day meeting will focus on relooking, realistically at
teacher education in the college and could lead to a summer group for reconsidering the
teacher education focus in the college. Tomorrow’s meeting will include tenure/tenure track
teacher education faculty in the morning and all non-tenure and staff in the afternoon.
5. NCATE: Kathy Angeletti mentioned that our review is scheduled for late April, early May,
2012 and the accreditation process is streamlined since our last review. The Institutional
Report is due November 2011, with all evidence by the end of November. The site visit will
occur two months later to address issues. There will be two levels of review, national and
state. The state visitation will include site visits to two schools. The Conceptual Framework
has been approved by the college Senate and will part of the discussion at tomorrow’s
teacher education meeting. A request was made to have minutes of the meeting sent to chairs
along with information on specific dates. In the fall work needs to be done to assure all
syllabi meet national, state and institutional standards. A template is being developed for all
In response to a request from MSDE, Angeletti asked for names of people from programs to
represent the college at meetings to discuss common core courses. She will forward
information to chairs.
Staffing & Space: A committee composed of Interim Chairs of the three new departments,
people who work on space issues in departments, and others will be created to look at
spacing issues in Benjamin associated with reorganization.
In a meeting with staff, the Dean reiterated that no one would lose their job. She outlined the
process as we move forward, starting with this week asking Interim Chairs to identify one
position in their department that people across the college can apply for, working with
interim chairs to identity their anchors – business managers and office managers, and making
some directed moves where staff are asked to move to different departments and/or work
with different people. She also said the Staff Committee is working on recommendations for
summer activities to increase morale that might include a summer work schedule, summer
community activities and professional development activities.
 The university is now collecting data for the Faculty Workload Report. Chairs of the
current five departments are responsibility for reviewing the faculty reportson the
Instructional Workload system and noting any exceptions and justifications for
exceptions by the June 23, 2011 deadline. Angeletti will send instructions.
 Maggie McLaughlin reminded that MOUs for faculty changing to new departments
must be in a.s.a.p. because they have to go to the Provost’s Office for approval before
June 30th.
 Steve Koziol noted a change in the Outreach certificate process. Advanced seeking
students must be admitted as degree seeking students and this will impart the certificate
option. Information will be sent.
 Koziol called attention to MHEC program change that goes into effect July 1, 2011.
Submission fees will be required. Fees will vary depending on the change or
submission. Wiseman will check with the Provost regarding who pays the fees.
Summer Meetings: 9:00-11:00 a.m., 3237 Benjamin
June 28; July 26 and August 23, 2011