Questions for Olivia Harris article: the article. 

Questions for Olivia Harris article:
 Please provide earlier accounts of violence in
anthropology Harris writes about in the first section of
the article.
 Please explain what kind of social setting is this article
based on (please combine the descriptions provided
both early on in the article and in the later sections such
as the common scenarios of sexual encounters).
 Please explain the four contexts of violence in Northern
 What is the significance of the bulls in Chayanta and
Sakaka regions?
 Harris argues that all women suffer from wife-beating in
these regions and as a result this does not lead to
psychological consequences familiar to us from
Western accounts (p.52). Can you find a parallel in
Canadian our North American setting in which women
have life experiences with their husbands but do not
find it humiliating or their self esteem is not eroded as a
result of the way in which they have learned to cope
 What concepts are available within Andean culture for
exploring the implications and ambiguities of the form
of violence Harris is writing about?
 What is meant by the paradox of violence?
What does Harris means by “violence as the other”?