Social Justice on Campus and Beyond Call for Proposals: Instructions Important Dates

Social Justice on Campus and Beyond
Call for Proposals: Instructions
Important Dates
Proposal Deadline: Friday, March 25, 2016
Acceptance Notification: On or about April 1, 2016
Presenter Confirmation: Monday, April 3, 2016
The CSCC Service-Learning OAA College and Division Committees are proud to announce the
second annual service-learning conference, to be held on Friday, April 15, 2016. The theme of
this year's conference, "Social Justice on Campus and Beyond" reflects the need to help faculty
and staff understand and integrate social justice issues within the classroom, and identify social
justice efforts on and off campus. In this way, students can become informed, knowledge-based
consumers of social justice issues and transform activism into meaningful work beyond the
classroom. We encourage contributions to the conference that focus on the theme through:
1) experiences, challenges and rewards in integrating social justice issues in the
2) research and data on social justice issues that may be used in the classroom;
3) on-campus or off-campus organizations that address a social justice topic or need;
4) local-global social justice issues; and/or
5) ways to translate social justice into socially responsible behavior.
Conference Format
Sessions will vary in structure in order to provide a diverse conference experience for presenters
and participants. Presenters are asked to identify their preferred format in their proposal,
however, proposal reviewers may suggest alternative formats and/or the combination of like
topics to form symposia.
Paper Sessions are sessions that present information, research, theory, concepts and practices
as outlined above. This session is 50 minutes long and focuses on one topic.
Symposium Sessions combine a number of presenters who present and discuss their work on
a similar topic. After all presenters have presented their work, there will be a joint time at the
end for questions and discussion. It is not assumed that those presenting in a symposium
format will collaborate before the session, only that they share the time. The idea is that by
combining different aspects of a topic, rich discussion among presenters and the audience will
ensue. These sessions are 50 minutes in length.
Proposal Submission
NOTE: This process is for the conference proposals. All information must be submitted online
using this form. Please adhere to any word count requirements. The information presented on the
form will be published in the conference program. It is suggested that you develop your proposal
as a Word document, edit and carefully check spelling, and then submit the proposal.
Form Instructions:
Title - Please use common capitalization, not APA; Do NOT use all caps.
Author Information
Select the focus and area(s) in which your presentation best fits.
Type of presentation (i.e., concurrent session, symposium, or roundtable).
Target Audience and additional info
Session Description (500 words maximum). Summarize content
Three specific learning objectives for participants. (Why is this topic important? Impact?)
List 2-3 relevant citations related to your topic.
Primary and Additional Presenters
Please Note: We will review all proposals submitted. You may be a primary presenter on only
one proposal; however, you may be included on other proposals as second or third presenter.
You may be included on two other proposals as second or third presenter; however, if you are
included on more than one additional presentation, you may not receive you preferred
presentation time.
The deadline for proposal submissions is Friday, March 25, 2016.
If you have questions, contact the Proposal Committee via this email: [email protected]
Social Justice on Campus and Beyond
Call for Proposals: Form
(please send your completed proposal to [email protected])
Proposal Title:
Author Information
General Presentation Topic Area (select more than one if applicable):
☐ Children’s Issues
☐ Community Building and Engagement
☐ Criminal Justice (e.g., human trafficking, death penalty, prisoners’ rights, racial profiling)
☐ Human Dignity (e.g., homelessness, poverty)
☐ Hunger/Food Deserts
☐ Health Disparities (e.g., mental, physical, medication access)
☐ Immigration
☐ Labor Issues
☐ Marginalized or At-Risk Groups (e.g., access issues such as food, water, transportation)
☐ Women’s Issues
☐ Other (please indicate what topic[s])
Theme focus:
☐ Experiences, challenges and rewards in integrating social justice issues in the classroom
☐ Research and data on social justice issues that may be used in the classroom
☐ On-campus or off-campus organizations that address a social justice topic or need
☐ Local-global social justice issues
☐ Ways to translate social justice into socially responsible behavior
☐ Other
Is this presentation on a resource/social justice organization? (check all that apply):
☐ On Campus
☐ Off Campus
☐ Other
Is this presentation about (check all that apply):
☐ Students serving others (e.g., campus organization, service-learning)
☐ Serving students
☐ Other
Is the social justice topic (check all that apply):
☐ Currently offered at CSCC or within the Central Ohio Area
☐ Identifying a current need for CSCC or Central Ohio
☐ Other
Type of Presentation Preferred:
☐Paper Session
Preferred Presentation Time:
Would you be willing to moderate a working lunch (12-12:50) ?
Will you invite a community partner/organization that is relevant to your presentation?
☐Yes (please identify which partner in your session description)
Target Audience (check all that apply):
Session Description (500 words max):
Three learning objectives for participants:
References (2-3 relevant to your topic):