cities as popular places

cities as popular places
Selling Cities
Belmont Area Revitalization Plan
The Belmont Area Revitalization Plan is a planning effort sponsored and
funded by the City of Charlotte and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning
Commission. This project focused on revitalizing one of Charlotte’s oldest
inner city neighborhoods into a safe and sustainable community.
Theming urban space
The Cosmic City
Urban imagineering
Blending imagination with technical know how
Theming of goods and services
Making place through themed urban design
Material and discursive representations of space
coupled with aggressive marketing and
promotion strategies – to sell cities
• New emphasis on “culture”
• Changing geographies of capitalism
The urban architecture of theme and
• Urban development strategies that rely on the
culture of consumption
• Towards the comodification and consumption
of “culture”
• Reuse of old infrastructures
• Simulated tradition with available artifacts
and relics
• Obscures city reality and history
Baltimore’s Inner harbor
• Inner harbor – symbolic centerpiece of city’s
• “regional playground” of city’s deteriorating
• The “festival marketplace”
• Nostalgic representation of historic public life
• “Harborplace”
• From “armpit of the east Coast” to “Cinderella