Enrollment Management Meeting Minutes * 9/25/2014 * 10-11 AM Participants

Enrollment Management Meeting
Minutes * 9/25/2014 * 10-11 AM
Participants: Anderson, T.; Beyrer, K.; Goff, K.; Goldberg, S.; Hernandez, C.; Janssen, K.; Jolly, J.; Knowles, D.;
Licciardi, A.; Luff, D.; Palm, D.; Turner, M.
1. SOS Update: Student Guides were distributed to 7,290 students and other information was distributed to
2,178 students. The busiest table was located near the Panther Pathway. Oct 14-16 will be the next SOS
activity and the focus will be on iSEP, abbreviated educational plan for students enrolled in 12 units.
Discussion ensued regarding what faculty can do to help counselors; is there a sample ed plan that faculty
can use and possibly look at the majors of students that will be part of the focus group.
2. Sacramento Pathways Update: Pathways is a collaboration between Sacramento City Unified School
District (SCUSD), SCC and Sacramento State University. We are looking at housing Paul Hanzel,
consultant for the Pathways Project, on the SCC campus in South Gym for a few days a month. Also
looking at the proposal of high school students completing English Language Arts classes with a C or
better may be placed directly in college English courses without going through iSEP. There will also be a
collaboration on outreach activities. Sam Starks will working with SCUSD on Pathways Community
Outreach and may be contacting individuals on campus. Please contact the VPI or interim VPSS if he
contacts you.
3. Instruction Division/Departments: Welcome/Meet/Greet: Funds are available through Student
Success and Support Program (SSSP) for first-time college students to meet faculty and staff as well as
discuss majors, career opportunities and classes. Allied Science had a successful gathering with a large
faculty and student attendance. The Psychology Department is also planning a meet and greet.
4. Counseling Department Activities: Counseling Department implemented an online counseling pilot
and only one student participated. There were some technical difficulties. SARS text messaging will piloted
also; essentially, it will be used as an appointment reminder. Upon the start of the 3 C’s component of
Financial Aid implementation, scheduled for January 16, 2015, it will have a positive impact upon different
areas of the college such as curriculum, Admissions and Records and Business Services. Faculty and staff
may be called upon to assist with the roll out of the implementation teams and fyi notices will be sent to
5. Civitas Visit: Civitas is a predictive, analytical platform (data base) that connects data that can be used
for early student intervention as well student success. One asset is that information is not stored in
different locations at the college-level and can intersect with our separate programs such as SARS Alert
and iSEP. The District will be given an opportunity to review this program in the future.
6. Fall Outreach and Recruitment Activities: Preview Night is when Student Services and Instructional
Departments set up tables for high school students and parents to meet and ask questions about the
college, career opportunities and the majors they are interested in. It is scheduled for the last Thursday
of October and will be held in the Student Center and possibly City Café (dependent upon number of
departments). Flyers for the event will be done in partnership with New Tech High School. High School
Counselor Conference will be held the first Friday in December, still working on a theme. High school visits
started this month and SCC Ambassadors help the Outreach Specialist with visitations.
7. Retention of First and Second Semester Students: Deferred to the next meeting.
8. Other:
a. Student Leadership and Development outreach activities at the Davis Center was canceled today
due to the rain; however, West Sacramento Center Student Appreciation Day went well. Late
start classes will be promoted by Instructional Services.
Future agenda items: Implementation of Math prereq., students that have no career goal;
assessment reports on placements.
c. Math Department is promoting Math Pump to review math skills and Pass That Class
Regina Wilkins, Recorder
Future Meeting Dates:
10/9/2014 - Canceled