Team project scoring considerations

Team project scoring considerations
Here are things I consider when projects are marked.
You grades are partly determined by how well your group compares to the other groups
handing in assignments.
Please note that you are not to discuss this project or use work/ideas from anyone outside
your group. To do so is a violation of academic integrity.
A. Content (0-100)
I expect the answers to be in essay format rather than bullet points.
How thorough does the group discuss the relevant issues contained in the problem.
Hint: Make sure you understand the problem before making recommendations.
How accurate are the statements?
How thorough is the topic treated?
How thorough is the groups’ discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the
solution(s) selected?
How well does the group describe the rationale behind the solution(s) they chose?
How thorough did the team discuss alternatives not selected?
How well does the group discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the alternatives?
How well does the group describe the reasons for not selecting the alternatives?
To what degree does the group cite and use outside sources (e.g., library books)?
Merely cutting and pasting from the Web isn’t enough. Are the materials included in
an appendix?
Are the statements logical?
Are the statements consistent?
(Are there statements that contradict each other?)
If in doubt, note that it is better to err on the long side.
Hint: Make sure the ENTIRE group discusses each item. Groups that divvy up the
assignment with each student answering a different question do not typically
provide as thorough a response as groups that work on the questions as a team.
B. Organization/writing style (up to 20 points deducted from the content score)
Do the paragraphs have topic sentences?
Do the paragraphs flow from one to the next?
I will assess grammar and spelling.
Are wrong words used?
Are sentences clear?
Does the group write sentences in the active voice?
Hint: Don’t just leave the proofing to one person.