Romanian Tailings Survey Tisa River Basin

Romanian Tailings Survey
Tisa River Basin
• In January of 2000 a tailings
dam in Baia Mare failed
releasing cyanide
contaminated water into the
Tisa River Basin
• In March of 2000 a tailings
dam in Baia Borsa failed
releasing sediment into the
Tisa River Basin
Our Project
• SRK was brought in as part of a team to inventory
and assess the risks posed by tailings dams and waste
rock dumps in the Tisa River Basin
Area of Study
Pool to Close to Crest
If the tailings pool gets to close to crest of the dam it can
saturate the embankment and cause instability
Erosion of the slopes
if not controlled with
BMPs can lead to
tailings release into the
Steep Slopes
Over-steepened slopes in
tailings can cause slumping
failures and erosional failures
Steep Slopes
slopes and degrading
sulfide ore have
caused block failures
Piping of Tailings
Grey indicates fresh
unoxidized tailings
Cyanide Contaminated Water
Cyanide contaminate
water from gold
production is treated, then
Tunnel Under Tailings
• Any conduit under
tailings is a danger
during closure because
of possible failure
• Tunnels
• Decant systems
Emergency Spillways
Tailings Revegetation
Air Pollution
Vegetation loss
caused by acid rain
Tailings Pond Fishing
Only concern is
bioaccumulation of
metals in the fish
Closing Mines
This tailings dam and associated process plant closed
on the 1st of May, two weeks before our inspection
Mining Pictures
The Communist Era
Rosia Montana – Roman Mine
Romanian Culture
Romanian Culture