Confidential Assessment for Promotion to Senior Lecturer


Confidential Assessment for Promotion to Senior Lecturer

To be completed by Head of the Academic Unit

This assessment must address the extent to which the candidate meets the

Promotions Criteria under which the application is made (see the criteria listed by the candidate on the checklist). Explain the reasons leading to your recommendation above, with appropriate references to the Academic Profile, and to the responsibilities allocated to the candidate in the workload model.


Major contributions to the quality of education and teaching in the university and in a wider context;

Major achievements or a consistently high level of achievement in research ;



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Major achievements/contributions to engagement activities

Major contributions to the administration and management of the University at any level - School, Institute, Faculty, or centrally.

I confirm that I have read the candidate’s application and confirm that it is accurate and correct, subject to any comments above.

I support / do not support* this application (*Delete as appropriate)

Signed: ________________________ Date: ____________________

Name: _______________________________



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