Working Outside Normal Hours in Laboratories in Merz Court

Working Outside Normal Hours in Laboratories in Merz Court
Postgraduate student / Postdoctoral researcher / Staff declaration
NOTE: Working outside normal hours in laboratories without an additional
appropriately skilled person present is a potentially hazardous practice and
must not be undertaken.
For this reason this declaration must be renewed weekly
You must nominate someone who will be with you (i.e. in the same room)
during the out of hours work.
Additionally you MUST complete the declaration on the Safe Work Out of
Hours website:
To be completed by the researcher:
Dates and times of intended work (as declared at
Reason for working outside normal hours (print clearly using black/blue ink):
If necessary continue on back of form
Please give the name of the appropriately skilled person who will be with you in the
laboratory during the out of hours work you have declared:
Declaration to be completed by the responsible supervisor:
I agree that it is necessary to carry out this work outside normal working hours. I have
reviewed the above provisions and regard them as satisfactory for safe working in the
laboratory named above.
Supervisors are reminded that they are legally responsible for the accuracy of the completed
form and any consequences that may occur.
A copy of this declaration should also be given to the School Safety Officer
Document Working Out of Hours: V05 May 2016