April 20, 2009
NEXT MEETING: May 4, 2009
Members Present: Carol Bernardo (faculty co-chair), Chou Chasengnou (classified co-chair), Deva Chopyak, Steve Leake, Matt
McHugh, Nancy Edmonson, and guest, Isiah Badrue.
Members Absent: Gregory Beyrer, Elizabeth Biggert, Tamyra Carmona (Ex), Cindy Erickson (Ex), Kathy McLain (Ex); Robert
Montanez, Osman Mohammed (Ex); Evelyn Silva (Ex), Don Tingley, Aselia Valadez, Whitney Yamamura; and Marchez Shurn
1. The meeting was called to order at 2:13p.m. by Chou and introductions were made.
The committee welcomed Isiah Badrue, an adjunct faculty member in the
Business/FS area. It was noted that our Charge doesn’t contain information about
adjunct membership, but that our meetings are open to anyone who would like to
2. Approval of
The minutes of the March 16th meeting were approved by consensus.
3. Updates
Convocation – Carol noted that the theme is “Soaring into the Future” and she
reviewed Kathy’s proposed timeline for the event. She suggested that John and
Ryan present to the committee at the May meeting so that we are aware of what
they will do in August. Including information about the Basic Skills Initiative was
discussed. The Adjunct Faculty meeting was discussed and Deva suggested a role
play skit of actual classroom situations involving disruptive students and other
things that may come up for a newly hired adjuncts. It was noted that adjuncts are
often hired just prior to the semester start and may have very little orientation to
services available to them. Is there a “go to” person for Adjuncts? Are adjuncts
welcomed/included by their full-time colleagues? Are there adjunct mentors? What
are the perceptions that Adjuncts have of CRC? Deva and Isiah will work on this
CASSL Coordinator for next year – Carol mentioned the new CASSL Coordinator
position (.400FTE) and SLO Coordinator (.200FTE) descriptions were sent out by
Flex Thursday – suggested workshop topics were discussed under each of our
Action Needed
Ask Liz Belyea
about Hawk at
convocation; Deva
& Isiah to work on
Adjunct program.
categories. Steve noted that it might be interesting to hear what the “in reach”
survey discovered. Deva noted that several ages of students are contained in one
classroom and this can cause friction between students.
Committee Description/Charge – it was noted that this document has been
forwarded to Celia Esposito-Noy, Interim President.
5. Flex Workshop
on Safety
5 Strategic Plan
6. May Meeting
7. Other
It was noted that the need for a safety workshop is still present. One was offered
at Spring Flex, and there are several issues that were not resolved. We need to be
specific about what we request the Police Services to provide. It was suggested
that we focus on (1) What to do in a) natural disasters, (b) medical emergencies,
and (c) human treats (either bomb threats or weapons in the classroom); and 2)
what are our Emergency Procedures – are they listed in each classroom? Who’s
responsible to make sure they are listed in the classroom? Who’s the dean of the
dark? Who notifies the staff of this person? Is this person here till 11:00 when
some of our classes end? This information is especially needed by adjuncts, who
teach many of our non primetime classes. Should this information be given to ALL
at Convocation and not relegated to a small workshop where only 20 people will
attend? How are we notified when there’s an emergency? There was discussion
about a phone tree, but there are no phones in the classroom. There was
discussion about being able to flash a message on the computers, but nothing’s
been done. Lots of discussion, but no plans are disseminated to people. What
about the training that everyone was supposed to go through? Who are the trained
people? It was noted that CRC’s Health & Facilities Committee was formed to
ensure OSHA standards, not student safety.
This is a District Committee on
Chou and Carol presented information about the strategic planning process. The
Committee’s current strategic plan was distributed and some corrections were made
to reflect the recent changes to the Committee Charge. Carol read Kathy’s
suggested course of action.
It was noted that we have scheduled a May meeting. It was noted that Colette Invite Colette to
should be invited so that we can get a CASSL Update.
next meeting.
It was noted that our next meeting will be: May 4th @ 2:00p.m.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:05pm.
Respectfully submitted by: Kathy McLain, Executive Secretary