Cosumnes River College Academic Senate Orchard Room November 14, 2008

Cosumnes River College
Academic Senate
Orchard Room
November 14, 2008
Approved MINUTES
Meeting begins at 12:34 p.m.
Attendance: Cheri Fortin, Kale Braden, Teresa Aldredge, Balbina Chaderjian, Lily Kun, Margaret
Woodcock, Ralph Hendrix, Constance Carter, Darlene Mathias, Marjorie Duffy, Norv Wellsfry, Dana
Wassmer, Dan Dubray, Greg Beyrer, Rick Schubert , Lanny Hertzberg, Maha Myren, Michelle Barkley,
Jamey Nye, Chuck Van Patten, Lon Davenport, Travis Parker.
Not all people received the e-mail containing agendas and attachments for this meeting because of an
on-going problem with the all-faculty and all-adjunct faculty global e-mail lists.
Chancellor Brice Harris was on campus before this meeting to talk about budget difficulties. No layoffs
or reductions in salary are planned (yet). Budgets will be tight and could be reduced as much as 10%.
On the 20% (non-salary) side of district financing, the District Budget committee and the local college
Budget committees will be handling the processes of deciding what changes/reductions should be
made. The Spring schedule and Summer Schedules are already set, but Fall will likely be held to their
real and actual FTE allocations instead of being allowed to routinely go over their allocation as some
divisions have done. Some reductions in class sections are also likely. Summer classes may be reduced if
Hawkathon: Checks go to the CRC Foundation. Total is believed to be in excess of $5,000. Exercise
period ends Nov. 15. Money should be collected by Nov. 21.
CRC’s LRCFT President Chuck Van Patten is organizing a Capitol Visit for near the start of the Spring
Action Items:
Approval of the minutes of 24 October 2008. Approved with minor corrections.
Curriculum Committee Charge: Senate accepts the document and thanks the committee for this work.
Budget Committee Charge: Senate accepts the document and thanks the committee for this work.
Faculty Hiring Prioritization Final rankings from the college president: English (1), Math, Art, Counseling,
PE/Dance, ECE, English (2), RTVF, Counseling (2), Business Technology, Spanish. All positions, whether
replacement or growth, must be justified in the light of the new business climate in California.
Faculty Forum Follow-Up “Shared Conversation”: Meeting is next week.
Request for Grade Change Form #91708: CRC’s recommendations were accepted at the District
Academic Senate and are moving forward.
Competency Committee Appointments: New membership rules, charges and operating procedures
proposed by the District Curriculum Coordinating Committee and have been accepted by the District
Academic Senate. The Competency Committees have been meeting (outside their charge) and courses
are being proposed and accepted or rejected for graduation competency anyway. Timelines and
communication remain in question for the implementation of the new Competency Committee
membership. President Nye will be contacting CRC members to serve on the competency committee
under the new rules. Concern was expressed by the Senate about lack of open communication across
the district and within the college as this process continued outside the rules. Issues and concerns
about this new regulations should be advanced to President Nye. ACTION: The president is directed to
ask for review of previous ‘committee’ decision that were done outside the process and for these to be
reaffirmed or denied.
Emeritus Proposal: The Sacramento City College Emeritus Association has a 30 year history, and newly
retired faculty there get a variety of benefits. CRC however has nothing like this process. Over the last
year, Lanny Hertzberg and a sub-committee of the senate have been determining what might be done
to support, welcome and administer a process for retired faculty. The Union has also come out in
support of a retirement group. The proposal would allow ask the Academic Senate to create a Faculty
Emeritus Association. Moved/Seconded/Passed: The Academic Senate creates a Faculty Emeritus
Association. The Academic Senate empowers its Emeritus Faculty sub-committee to form Association
operating rules, responsibilities and possible benefits and to promote the group within the rules of the
college. Recommendations from the Association will come to the Academic Senate for approval.
President Nye will take this proposal to the President with the list of possible responsibilities and
benefits with a request for support.
Outcomes Assessment Common Themes: (Document Attached) The Assessment task force would like to
share how some ideas are common across the college. Dana Wassmer will forward this document to
the college.
Strategic Plan: Access and Growth: This proposal is coming out of college planning. Senators are
requested to review the document and provide feedback to Norv Wellsfry, Kathy McLain and Jamey Nye
by Nov. 21.
CASSL and SLO Coordinator Position Descriptions: The general job descriptions need to be revised and
shortened. President Nye will send the job descriptions to the Outcomes Assessment Task Force for
review and revision making it an attractive proposal for existing faculty.
CASSL Wellness Institute: A proposal is to have this at either January Flex or in December. The
December date was selected.
Meeting Adjourned at 2:07 p.m.