CRC professor receives medal from the United States Navy Reserve

CRC professor receives medal from the United States Navy Reserve
CRC professor and Navy Commander receives merit medal
Cosumnes River College professor Terry Finnegan was recently awarded the Meritorious Service
Medal from the United States Navy Reserve.
The award was given due to Finnegan’s achievement as Deputy Director, Navy Reserve Office of
Information from October 2004 to April 2006. Many accomplishments were recognized
including Finnegan’s organizational skills during the tsunami crisis. Finnegan organized a sevenperson Tsunami Support Relief Team bound for Indonesia.
“It’s quite an honor but I don’t think I’ve done anything spectacular,” Radio, Film and Television
Production professor Finnegan said. “In the case of the tsunami orders it was the first test of
the unit’s response to a crisis and it was a team effort. An officer is only as good as the men
and women he or she leads.”
Finnegan recently retired after 24-years of service both enlisted and officer. He said that he
shares his years in the service with his students.
“Having the opportunity to see the world has been a fantastic learning experience and I stress
that to my students,” Finnegan said. “In terms of education, there is really no substitute for
going to others places in the world.”
Finnegan said he has nothing but respect for the young people he sees in the service. He
understands the sacrifices they’ve made to serve the country.