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REPORT OF THE Lead member, Health and Social Care
TO Cabinet
ON 14 July 2009
TITLE: Improving the life chances of disabled people in Salford.: A well-being strategy for people with physical and/or sensory impairments. 2009-2013
RECOMMENDATIONS: To adopt the strategy.
The Independent Living Partnership Board has been working with disabled adults and their
carers to ensure the needs of physically disabled adults and people with sensory
impairments are understood and addressed by partners. This builds on the work supported
by the Local Strategic Partnership under the Disability Equality Duty, with a key focus on
physical disability.
Local population statistics predict that 13,262 people in Salford between the ages 18-64
have a moderate or serious physical disability and that this will rise to 14,378 by 2025.
91 people ages 18 to 64 have a serious visual impairment
In 2007 16,505 people of working age claimed Incapacity Benefit or Severe Disability
Allowance – this represents 13% of the working age population.
The Independent Living Partnership Board commissioned an external consultant, who is
disabled, to consult with disabled Salford residents and to work with a range of agencies,
both within the public sector and third sector to develop a framework for how we can ensure
that this group of people is not marginalised but can be full and active citizens in the city.
The remit was to find out through this consultation process what kind of things were
important to disabled people for public sector organisations to change or put in place to
improve their health and wellbeing. Over 100 disabled people have been involved in
producing the strategy and many partners have contributed to the action plan and follow up
task groups.
The Strategy has been developed based on what disabled people told us and on what
government guidance recommends. The action plan provides an update on current activities,
many of which the PCT and LA have already included in their corporate strategic plans. It is
clear that the best way of meeting the needs of disabled people is to build a ‘Think Disability’
approach into our normal business planning processes, and to promote ‘disability
champions’ within services.
The aim of the strategy is:
‘To improve the life chances of people with a physical and/or sensory impairment by:
maximising independence, providing full opportunities and choices to improve quality
of life, ensuring that disabled people are respected and included as equal and active
members of society, and challenging discrimination’.
The Improving Life Chances Strategy is built around the three themes of
o Independence and Recognition
o Involvement and Information
Access and Services
This is described through eight priorities as outlined below. Each priority does not stand on
its own, they all link to and support each other, and in particular, independent living
underpins everything. The strategy outlines issues that have been raised by disabled people
under each of these priorities, and what people want from the strategy.
The 8 priorities are:
We will:-
Encourage and support disabled people to live as independently as possible.
Enable disabled people to be in control.
Ensure that disabled people are treated with respect and dignity.
Increase the involvement of disabled people in decision making and encourage
active citizenship.
Provide accessible information and improve communication.
Improve the quality, range and delivery of services provided.
Work with a range of other agencies to increase the economic well being of disabled
Improve access to the built environment and open spaces.
A joint commissioning plan is being developed to take forward the commissioning
implications of this strategy and will be available in September. Many actions will form part of
partners plans for developments in the city.
This strategy will support Salford’s Sustainable Community Strategy with a focus on
‘narrowing the gap’ for disabled people
Governance Arrangements:
The action plan will be monitored by a sub group of the Independent Living Partnership
Board on a three monthly basis and will report back to the board. This will be reported to the
Health and Wellbeing Board of the Partnership and the PCT Commissioning Board as
required. An annual report will be provided for Cabinet and PCT Trust board in order to
monitor progress.
We will approach Salford university to assist in the evaluation process.
Approval process:
The strategy was presented to Health and Social Care lead member on 27 April and
endorsed by the Independent Living Partnership Board on 11 May, Corporate Management
Team 2 June, the Primary Care Trust (PCT) Senior Management Team 17 June. The
strategy will be presented to the Cabinet 14 July, PCT Commissioning Board 24 June and
Trust Board July, and the Health and Wellbeing Board in September.
A formal launch is being planned for 23rd September to involve disabled people and other
The strategy is receiving a disability impact assessment.
(Available for public inspection)
‘Health and social care working in partnership’ (2007) a review funded by the Health Scrutiny
Support Programme – led locally by the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee.
‘Improving the life chances of disabled people in Salford.
A well-being strategy for people with physical and/or sensory impairments’
-Strategy Summary
- Action Plan
the following document is on the website:
-Full strategy with appendix
‘Independent Living Strategy’ Office for Disability Issues 2008
Disability Bill 2009
ASSESSMENT OF RISK: Adoption of the strategy assists with our duties under Disability
legislation, promoting equality and preventing discrimination Failure to adopt this will impact
of the public’s confidence in the council consultation policy.
SOURCE OF FUNDING: The action plan details several projects currently underway linked
into mainstream funding or Disability Discrimination Act/Duty associated funding.
A joint commissioning strategy and investment plan is being produced which will detail any
further funding issues.
SERVICES (or his representative):
CONTACT OFFICER: Julia Clark 793 2234
KEY COUNCIL POLICIES: this links with all the council pledges in particular: Improving
Health, Promoting Inclusion, Enhancing Life, Encouraging Learning Leisure and Creativity.
Salford’s Sustainable Community Strategy – narrowing the gap
PCT Pledges
Pledge 1. Protect people and help everyone enjoy longer healthier lives.
Pledge 4. Improve access to the right treatment and services
See attached :
Strategy summary.‘ Improving the life chances of disabled people in Salford.
A well-being strategy for people with physical and/or sensory impairments’
Action Plan reporting on current activities