Matthew Burr Alex Denton Kayla Stone Blake Hanson

Matthew Burr
Alex Denton
Kayla Stone
Blake Hanson
The device is started
by a mouse trap, which
pulls a string that is
wrapped around a rod.
The rod rotates lifting
two fly-weights into
our “gate” releasing the
meditation balls. The
balls roll and drop into
the “elevator” which
pulls the pin on our
“hammer” which both
drops and turns on our
potential elastic
torque (tension
from the fishing
When the mouse
trap is set and
ready to go at 180
degrees the tension
in the string is 28N.
At the same angle
the trap causes a
0.36N*m torque on
the shaft.
Torque= Tension*Radius
Angular Acceleration= Torque/Mass Moment
of Inertia
mgh=1/2(mass moment of inertia)*
(Rotational Speed)^2
We had some
trouble figureing
out how to get the
gate both hold the
balls in place and
move out of the
way at the same
Awesome to see all
we learned in action
A lot of fun to
create something
big, wasteful, and
essentially useless
Harder than