The Zig-Zag Rick Wheeler Dale Sharpe Daniel Stoltz

The Zig-Zag
Rick Wheeler
Dale Sharpe
Daniel Stoltz
Andrew Eastes
The Crew
Roller Coaster and Team
Our purpose was to design a
roller that could transport an
object from start to finish in
fifteen seconds.
We also used the lessons and
laws of physics to design and
execute our roller coaster.
 The design includes an zigzag ramp that
travels to a drop the object.
 After the drop the coaster involves a
fairly large loop and a spiral.
 Lessons and laws included are those of
Constant Acceleration and Conservation
of Energy.
Please keep all arms
and legs inside the car
while in motion!
Lessons and Laws
Conservation of Energy:
It has potential energy at the top
because of gravity.
The potential energy of the object
is converted to kinetic energy
during the climb down of the zigzag
and drop.
Circular Motion is involved in the
loop and the spiral.
 The total construction of the roller
coaster came about through several
meetings by the team members.
 The presentation and report were also
developed during these team meetings.
 Most problems were encountered in
constructing the roller coaster to match
the calculations and drawings we developed.
The End!
Thank You