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Homemade Fabric Stiffener
Description: This is a recipe for a homemade fabric stiffener for crafting similar to a commercial product
such as Stiffy Stuff. This is nearly equivalent to the marketed products and is much cheaper to use.
Goals: The goal is to use this recipe to substitute for commercial craft stiffeners.
1. The participant will learn the ingredients in ready-made stiffeners.
2. The participant will learn the simple process to make a homemade, cheaper version.
 White Glue (dries Clear)
 Water
 Bowl (any will do) Glue dries with soap and water cleanup.
 Spoon
 Extra bottle
1. Place your White Glue into the bowl.
2. Then add equal amount or less water to your glue (this depends on how thick (stiff) you would
like your stiffener to be.
3. Mix well then place into the glue bottle and extra bottle or an empty larger bottle.
4. Label the new product.
5. Store in a cool place.
Alice K. Dolu, WVU Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development – Marshall County
July 16
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