HSB Request for Registrar


HSB Request for Registrar

• Faculty with back-to-back classes should be kept in the same classroom whenever possible

• Unless a PC lab is specifically specified, then a classroom with technology means a classroom with wireless access and electrical outlets for all student assigned to the class.

• Have a traveling distance (from our office to classroom) be a part of the optimization model that they are using, and we want this minimized

Classroom Layout/Format

• Clarify room definitions

– Request a type which indicates movable tables and chairs. (206 was the only room so equipped in MV

– no room has taken its place)

• All MBA classes should be scheduled in MV with the following exceptions

– MGT should be preferentially slotted into Cynwyd

Hall or into an appropriate-sized room on the City side of City Ave

Classroom Layout/Format

• Install electrical outlets in the floor in classrooms such as MV 203, 207, 209 so that

– Students would have power for laptops

– Have the tables unbolted from the floor so that they can be used more flexibly

– This was requested last year of Joe/Peggy but we don't know where it went

Determining Classroom Capacity

• The Registrar's Office (accompanied by at least one faculty member) should make a room-by-room inventory of every classroom to

– Establish how usable the space is, which is different than how seats can physically fit in a room

– Inventory of space should be the basis of room capacity calculations

Managing Classroom Capacity

• Number of seats in the classroom should be greater than or equal to the number of student cap for that class

– The number that should be used as the cap should be the "final" cap, not the "initial" or public cap

• We often start class sections with a lower cap to balance enrollment across sections, raising the caps gradually until all section are roughly equal in size

• When the Registrar is assigning classes into spaces, the higher cap figure should be the one determining classroom assignment

Managing Classroom Capacity

Classroom assignments are made public well before the start of the semester

• The process and timing we should adopt is the one that provides us the greatest amount of agility

– Open to suggestions…