Saint Joseph's University Bindery Submission Form for Masters Theses

Saint Joseph's University
Francis A. Drexel Library
Bindery Submission Form for Masters Theses
Name as it appears on the title page:
Middle Name:
Year of Birth:
Department :
Number of copies to be bound:
The number of copies must include:
1 copy for the Drexel Library (must be on 20 lb. Standard bound weight, acid-free paper)
Copies as required by your Department
The number of personal copies you would like to have bound:
Binding costs (please also note shipping costs below):
$15 per copy, including the Library copy
The Library prefers checks -- payable to "Saint Joseph's University"
Note : All copies will be bound in black with gold lettering on the spine for the title and the author's
name (initials for first and middle names)
The Library will distribute the bound copies to the department.
Recipients' names:
For any copies bound for yourself, please indicate your preference:
I will pick up (circle one) : Call me / E-mail me
Mail them to me at the above address. The Library charges $3.00 per copy for shipping. Please include this
cost in your check.
Please submit this form with your payment and the appropriate number of unbound copies of your thesis
(each copy designated with a post-it) to Francis A. Drexel Library Service Desk.
Questions? Please contact Sarah Bolce at [email protected] or 610-660-1911.
Revised 08/01/12