CourseCompass STUDY PLAN Name:______________________Instructor:_________________Date:____________DLS 0011-______

DLS 0011 CourseCompass STUDY PLAN for MATH SUCCESS
Name:______________________Instructor:_________________Date:____________DLS 0011-______
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1.) Click on TAKE A TEST in CourseCompass.
2.) Click on and do Chapter 1 Test (without using a calculator).
3.) Upon completion of the Test, click on SUBMIT TEST.
4.) Click on MY STUDY PLAN and select My Chapter 1 Study Plan.
5.) Circle the sections designated on your CourseCompass Chapter Study Plan as needing more study
in the Chapter 1 box below.
6.) Click on those sections in CourseCompass in your Chapter Study Plan and do the exercises contained
a. Check off each section on this form as you complete them in your CourseCompass Chapter
Study Plan.
b. Show this form to your instructor after you have successfully completed your work.
7.) Do the homework in your textbook for those sections as well.
8.) Take the Chapter Test over again in CourseCompass after you complete all the sections circled in your
Chapter Study Plan.
9.) Return to your CourseCompass Chapter Study Plan to see how much you have mastered and how much
you have yet to learn and repeat steps 6 – 8 until you master all the sections in the Chapter.
10.) Repeat steps 1- 9 with each chapter until you have mastered all 4 chapters.
MY DLS 0011 STUDY PLAN – As you view your CourseCompass Chapter Study Plans,
CIRCLE the corresponding sections in each chapter below that are designated as needing more study.
Chapter 1 Study Plan
1.1 Reading & Writing Whole Nos.
1.2 Addition of Whole Nos.
1.3 Subtraction of Whole Nos.
1.4 Multiplication of Whole Nos.
1.5 Division of Whole Nos.
1.6 Long Division
1.7 Rounding Whole Nos.
1.8 Exponents, Roots, & Order of Operations
Chapter 2 Study Plan
2.1 Basics of Fractions
2.2 Mixed Numbers
2.3 Factors
2.4 Writing a Fraction in Lowest Terms
2.5 Multiplication of Fractions
2.6 Applications of Multiplication of Fractions
2.7 Dividing Fractions
2.8 Multiplication & Division of Mixed Nos.
1.9 Reading Pictographs, Bar Graphs & Circle Graphs
1.10 Solving Application Problems
Chapter 4 Study Plan
Chapter 3 Study Plan
3.1 Adding & Subtracting LIKE Fractions
3.2 Least Common Multiples
3.3 Adding & Subtracting UNLIKE Fractions
3.4 Adding & Subtracting Mixed Numbers
3.5 Order Relations & Order of Operations
4.1 Reading & Writing Decimals
4.2 Rounding Decimals
4.3 Adding & Subtracting Decimals
4.4 Multiplication of Decimals
4.5 Division of Decimals
4.6 Writing Fractions as Decimals