Faculty Senate Minutes Thursday, November 19, 2009

Faculty Senate Minutes
Thursday, November 19, 2009
3:15 PM to 5:00 PM, CH-105
1. 1. Attendance: Please check-in on the attendance roster.
In attendance, Senate officers and delegates—Mark Hubley (FO President), Swazette Young (FO Vice
President), Kathi Linville (Nursing), Eldon Baldwin (at large), Rosanne Benn (Educational Development),
Laura Ellsworth (Public Safety & Law), Alan Mickelson (at large), Darlene Antezana (Liberal Arts),
Charles Thomas (CIS), Nicole Ives (BSBS), Leon Weaver (Student Services), Daniel Jones (at large),
Len Sekelick (Liberal Arts), Greg Weiss (Business Management), and Sherry Kinslow (Social Sciences).
There was not a quorum at the beginning of the meeting.
2. Review the Agenda for the 11/19/09 meeting.
Discussion only due to lack of quorum
3. Review the Minutes of the 11/5/09 meeting.
No approval due to lack of quorum
4. Calendar
Fall 2009 important dates
A. College closed or no classes
i) Labor Day, college closed, Sat. 9/5—Mon. 9/7
ii) College Enrichment Day, no classes, Tue. 10/27
iii) Thanksgiving, no classes, Wed. 11/25; college closed, Thu. 11/26—Sun. 11/29
B. Other important dates
i) Last day to withdraw from 15-week classes, Fri. 11/20
ii) Final exam week, Fri. 12/11—Thu. 12/17
iii) Grades due, 4:00 PM Fri. 12/18
November/December important dates
E. Senate meetings
i) Thu. 11/5, 3:15—5:00 PM, Accokeek 221
ii) Thu. 11/19, 3:15—5:00 PM, Accokeek 221
iii) Thu. 12/3, 3:15—5:00 PM, Accokeek 221
F. Board of Trustees meetings
i) Thu. 11/12, 7:00 PM, Kent 262
ii) Thu. 12/10, 7:00 PM, Kent 262
G. College-wide Forum
i) Tue. 11/3, 2:00—3:30 PM, LSC B
ii) Tue. 11/17, 2:00—3:30 PM, LSC B
iii) Tue. 12/1, 2:00—3:30 PM, LSC B
H. Academic Council
i) Thu. 11/12, 3:00—5:00 PM, CAT 133
ii) Thu. 12/10, 3:00—5:00 PM, CAT 133
5. Attachments
A. Minutes from the 10/15 meeting
B. Candidates for still more elected positions (at end of this document)
C. Draft revisions of promotion and tenure prodecures
6. Reports
A. Senate President
Mark Hubley reported on the question of Faculty Emeritus Status:
 Anne King’s name has been mentioned, but the college has no formal
 Mary Stevenson’s name was also mentioned.
 Hubley will convene an ad hoc committee to develop a process. Appoint
members who are interested.
 Possible criteria to include recipients of the Faculty Senate Excellence Award.
B. Senate Vice President
Swazette Young reported that the Salary and Benefits Committee is finishing up work on
a faculty salary proposal:
 Found full text of the Hendricks Report (will email link to members of the Senate.
All faculty?)
 Plan to present the salary proposal:
 First to the Senate
 Then forward to FO for information
 Then to HR through the CWF Executive Committee
 CWF procedures will require HR to report back to CWF (for information)
and to FO.
HR will soon report back to CWF regarding the proposal for domestic partner benefits.
 General discussion about the governance process – it has improved in recent
C. Academic Council
Hubley reported there was discussion of Spring Opening Week
 Activities on Tuesday – Thursday (1/19-1/21) following MLK Monday Holiday.
 Working on meeting schedule.
 Unclear as to topic of the area meeting.
 Faculty need to be available to help with registration – times when most help is
needed may have shifted from morning to early afternoon.
Discussing institutional “Philosophy of Education.”
D. Representative from President’s Leadership Team
Eldon Baldwin reported that the PLT met on November 18.
Andrea Lex presented an integrated planning and budget model.
Brenda Mitchell and Brian Holland discussed organization and programs of the Office of
Grants and Development.
Ethel Shepard-Powell (CSO) initiated a discussion of institutional values, and encouraged
the PLT to discuss values during future meetings.
Baldwin e-mailed agenda, minutes, and presentations to all Senate members.
E. College-wide Forum
i) Representative from Faculty Organization
Laura Ellsworth reported that the CWF has created an ad hoc committee on
John Bartles is co-chair
The issue was raised by the students, but no students have joined the committee
thus far.
ii) Facilities Committee
Rosanne Benn reported that the Committee on Transportation, Access and
Parking continues to meet.
Dave Mosby will be reporting to CWF regarding the status of signage.
iii) Human Resources Committee
iv) Budget Advisory Committee
v) Campus Culture Committee
vi) Learning Committee
vii) Technology Steering Committee
Baldwin previously shared a draft proposal for training faculty to employ
technology in their teaching and learning activities. (last Senate meeting –
attached at end)
Name of program is now TechExpress.
Shared with the Faculty Professional Development Committee.
TSC will be meeting on December 3 to discuss the proposal further.
viii) Strategic Planning Committee
ix) Assessment Committee
E. Chairs’ Council
Discussing Testing Center issues.
 Situation improving.
 Additional positions being advertized.
 Faculty may not end an exam on the day of a class meeting.
 Faculty may once again submit new exams on Monday.
G. Adjunct Faculty
H. Representative from the Student Governance Board
7. Old Business
A. Update on benefits proposals
B. Tenure and promotion revisions
Hubley reported that the committee working on revision of promotion and tenure
procedures continues to meet, including one more meeting this fall.
The committee plans to disseminate a draft plan to Senate, Chairs Council, and
administration by the first week of February.
C. Faculty Grievance Committee (FGC)
Danny Jones has met with the committee and shared the following options that the
committee had discussed thus far:
 Disband – write a letter to the Senate.
Work to revise the Title 3 procedure (e.g., include a constituency member in the
hearing process).
 Make a case to retain the committee based upon the issue of Academic Freedom
 This is an ongoing discussion and the committee has not reached consensus on
any particular action.
 Hubley said he would like to receive some response by spring.
There was a general discussion of CSO mediation procedures.
 Noted that CSO process is different from that of the AAUP.
 Alan Mickelson has researched this process previously, and agreed to obtain
information for the Senate.
Hubley will ask the FGC if they wish to keep working on the issue or if they would prefer
for the Senate to appoint an ad hoc committee to discuss the issue and make
recommendations to the Senate:
 One advantage to this approach would be that interested faculty who are not
members of the FGC could participate. (e.g., former members, current
department chairs, etc.)
D. Elections
Spring elections are scheduled during March 2010. Please contact the nominating
committee if you are currently in a position that is up for election, and indicate whether or
not you are willing to run again for this position.
Hubley and Young will not be running again for the positions of FO President and Vice
President. Please start recruiting candidates to run for these positions.
E. Other old business?
8. New Business
A. Full-time Faculty Contracts
Baldwin reported that during the last meeting of the President’s Leadership Team, Dr. Dukes
was pointing out that the college can and must continue to work 12 months of the year, even
though faculty are not on contract during the summertime. Baldwin concurred, but pointed
out that the model for our full-time faculty contract is over 50 years old, and suggested it
might be time to consider a different model contract (e.g., Valencia CC). As the hour was
late, the Senate agreed to place this topic on the agenda for the December 3 Senate
9. Agenda Items for Upcoming Meetings
A. Full-time faculty contracts
10. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 5:05 PM.