Travel around the world ... Many people dream of travel around the world, and so...

Travel around the world
4a0c0123 英二丙
Many people dream of travel around the world, and so do I .Had I had enough money,
I would have traveled around the world. Travel around the world not only can broaden
our horizons, but also learn many different languages from different countries. If I
could go abroad, I would seize the any opportunities to learn languages. I can also eat
a lot of delicious exotic food and make some when I go abroad. Before I travel around
the world. I have to earn enough money and learn English well. If I had studied
English harder when I was little, my English would be fluent now. So I will put effort
on my English to make it better and better. If I passed TOEFL, I will go abroad to
improve my English. Then I can make my dream come true.
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