Digital Media Lecture 1: Basic Concepts Georgia Gwinnett College

Digital Media
Lecture 1: Basic Concepts
Georgia Gwinnett College
School of Science and Technology
Dr. Jim Rowan
Refer to Supplemental text:
Lies will be told!
Mac vs PC, Ford vs Chevy…
Macs in a PC world…
Wikis are wonderful…
Introduction: Computers sneak up…
Telling the story: New technology…
The Scroll, the Book, the Webpage…
First: Stuff about the Mac
Mac vs PC
 MacStuff for the PC user
– Making a PDF by printing
– Forcing a program to quit
– Using Grab for screenshots
– Using Preview to change file formats
– Using PhotoBooth to take pictures
– Using TextEdit to create text
Second: Stuff about the Wiki
Ward Cunningham
About the wiki
– Parts of the wiki page…
• Differs slightly from
browser to browser
More: Stuff about the Wiki
Wikis keep their entire history
Wiki formatting
Now: Telling the story
The media used affects the way
the story is told
– Live performance
– Audio capture
– Video capture
– Written as a book
– Paint a picture
– Perform on stage
– Build into a computer game
New technology…
New opportunities
Alfred Hitchcock
– The Birds (bodega bay, CA)
– Old school… long, continuous takes
– Storyboard planning
Quentin Tarantino
– Pulp Fiction
– The speed of the cuts increases
violence of the scene
TV series 24
– With HD you can now have 4 screens
New technology
New affordances!
Don Norman
– Cognitive scientist
– Affordances come from ecological
– Adapted affordances to design
Affordances of media
The scroll
– Only one rule needed to read this:
• End of line? Go to the beginning of the
next line
The bound book
– More rules than the scroll:
• Same rule as scroll plus…
• Bottom of left page?
– Go to top of right page
• Bottom of right page?
– Turn page, go to top of left page.
– Page numbers had to be invented
– TOC was invented to access middle
Affordances of media
The bound book
– History is kept as “editions”
The electronic document
– History can exist as versions
The web based document
– No history kept
• Go back and everything is changed
• Did it change? Are you at the wrong spot?
– But a wiki does!
More: Affordances of media
The bound book
-Index and TOC only
+You know when you are finished
Electronic document (like pdf) & the
web-based document?
+You can search the contents
Web-based document?
-You don’t know when you are finished
New technology adoption…
problems arise
Next class…
New technology adoption…
Follows a predictable path
New form tries to act like the old
Before Alan Kay
Newsreels “copied” newspapers
C:\ is all you got
Makes stuff Alan Kay at XEROX
The desktop metaphor
Put things in the world not head
The best way to predict the future…
New technology adoption…
Follows a predictable path…
then develops it’s own vocabulary
Tell the story at the same point in
time but from several different
– The Thomas Crown Affair - 1968
– TV was around how long before they
had multiple screens like the TV
series 24?
That’s Human Computer Interaction
– Intermingling of computers,
engineering, human perception,
– psychology, affordance and human
– Taught here as ITEC 4130
From my list of ancient cultural
– Check box… yes.
– Radio button?
In this class this semester…
– We are interested in media forms
found on and transmitted across the
Internet, how they work and how to
manipulate them
– We will build them as projects
• Audio
• Still images
– Bitmapped
– vector graphics
– Moving images
• video camera
• 3D animation
The maturing Internet…
new affordances?
new vocabulary?
In the ‘90s it was a source
– You would “look something up”
– Businesses justified the expense this
Now it’s a transmission medium
 What’s next?
 Go bravely forth!
– It’s still the wild wild west out there!
In Summary
Media is changing
Internet is changing
Affecting us socially
Giving us new capabilities
– Mosquito ring tones?
Challenging our views of legality
– Copyrights?
Challenging our views of appropriate behavior
– Spam
Media provides opportunities for new
interactions and new ways to communicate
This class is about media and how it works