IE Goals
2003 - 2004
Our Mission
• To provide pre-baccalaureate programs
• To support the Vocational/Technical
programs by providing general education
• To foster successful and independent
learning through a strong foundation of
skills supported by tutorial services and
computer-assisted instruction
Unit Purpose Statements of the
Planning Units
• College Transfer
– Prepares students for prebaccalaureate degrees
– Enables students to transfer as a
junior or junior in their majors
Unit Purpose contd…
• Humanities/Fine Arts Department
– Broadens students’ cultural awareness:
through study of artistic expression,
philosophical thought, and religious
through exploring individual
communication techniques resulting in
measurably greater understanding of the
world around them
Unit Purpose contd…
• English Department
– Empowers students to become more
effective and efficient writers, listeners,
speakers, and critical thinkers
– Enhances students’ success in other
courses and in jobs and careers
– Helps students see their connectedness to
others for the purpose of understanding
and appreciating diversity
Unit Purpose contd…
• Math/Science/PE Department
– Helps students
• develop quantitative skills
• understand the physical and biological
• understand how lifestyle choices contribute
to personal health and wellness
Unit Purpose contd…
• Social and Behavioral Sciences Department
– Assists students in examining and exploring the
uniqueness of human society by studying the
complex fabric of social diversity in:
various economic and political patterns
– Helps students understand the role that individual
members play in this delicate weave called
Unit Purpose contd…
• Learning Lab
– Provides educational support for student
success by providing:
Instructional facilitators
Student tutors
Computer-assisted instruction
Supplemental Instruction targeting
historically difficult college courses
Position CFCC to offer an online
AA degree program
• Develop a self-quiz to help transfer students assess their
understanding of the online advising website
• Develop/offer the following to complete the online requirements
for an AA degree:
– BIO 111
CHM 131/131A
ENG 131
PED 110
• Research the criteria for making websites ADA compliant,
provide training to DE faculty and staff, and revise the websites
• Implement an Online Course Peer Review Guide to assess the
quality of DE instruction
• Provide training for faculty in hybrid instruction
• Track academic performance of DE vs. traditional students
• Develop an operational manual to outline DE procedures and
rules and the roles of others involved with DE initiatives
Assess the academic
preparedness of our transfers
• Assess the performance of CFCC’s transfer graduates to UNCW
by administering a survey
• Assess the content of the general education courses by
scheduling a faculty workshop for CFCC and UNCW Arts &
Sciences departments
• Assess whether 80% of COM core students will meet minimum
oral competency standards
• Assess whether 75% of ENG 111 students will demonstrate
proficiency in writing
• Assess whether 75% of SOC 210 students will demonstrate an
understanding of three major sociological concepts
Increase transfer curricula offerings to
better prepare students for respective
majors and provide students with a
greater variety of offerings
To better reflect performance standards for students, add the
following courses to the Humanities/Fine Arts Department
– MUS 161, 162, 163, 164
– MUS 111
MUS 253
MUS 121
MUS 114
– ART 281
ART 282
ART 284
ART 231
ART 232
– ART 245
ART 246
ART 288
ART 241
ART 211
– DRA 142
DRA 126
DRA 141
DRA 175
DRA 176
• Add the following courses to the Social
Sciences Department:
– ANT 220
HIS 228
PSY 263
• Add the following courses to the
Math/Science/PE Department:
– BIO 110
PED 147
PED 126
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