4-H $15.00 Challenge – Junior Form

4-H $15.00 Challenge – Junior Form
Yrs. In 4-H Clothing Project ___________ Yrs. In 4-H __________
Casual______ Sport or Specialty_____ Dressy Occasion______
1. Write your clothing event goal. (What you wanted to learn/do, which is in your control. For example
being selected to state fair is in the judge’s control, thus not an appropriate goal.)
2. Where did you plan to wear this outfit when you decided to purchase or sew it?
3. Why do you think this outfit is right for the activity or occasion written about in question # 2? (fabric, fit,
4. What other items in your wardrobe can you wear with this outfit?
5. How many times in a year do you expect to wear this outfit?
6. What kind of care does this outfit require?
7. Is the cost and care required for this outfit reasonable?
8. Describe the accessories you selected and explain why.
9. What did you learn?
10. What ideas or plans do you have for the future?
11. Jr. Members (4-6) must include an application of the design element line or color
Total Cost Of Outfit:
Fabric Content:
Care of Outfit:
Total Cost of Accessories:
*REMEMBER, receipts MUST be included for the $15.00 Challenge.