Level 1-Energizer Barf Ball

Level 1-Energizer
Barf Ball
Everyone has a ball. At the same time, everyone throws their ball high into the air (try for at least
10 feet up). Everyone then tries to catch a ball other than the one they THREW UP. Allow the
group to try several times, in order to achieve no balls missed. You can also play with points, + for
catches, - for misses.
Buddy Ball
Everyone stands in a circle and holds hands. Toss a ball around the circled and the only way you
can hit it is with two hands joined together. If the ball is soft enough, you may allow them to use
heads, knees, and feet. Either way, hands stay joined. Count how many hits the group can make
in a row or see if they can get every pair of hands to hit it at least once.
Balloon Trolleys
Blow up balloons, enough for everyone minus one. Have everyone get into a line, front to back.
Put a balloon between each set of front to back participants. See how far and fast they can walk
with the balloons between them. Strive for a specified distance within a certain amount of time.
Add on five second penalties for balloon drops for an extra challenge.